Hi everyone,

First time posting here so sorry if I ramble or anything!!
I’m 36, 2 kids 3yr & 1yr old, when I’m working ima nurse (only made it back for 4 weeks after having 13 months mar leave ?)
I was diagnosed on my birthday in June, brilliant response from hospital within 13 days if had all investigations etcabd was in having lumpectomy & SND. Grade 3, no lymph involvement 1.8mm so got it early!
I started my chemo yesterday I’m having 6 rounds of EC, then some radio. It’s Er -ve, HER2 -ve, Pr+ve…they’ve said prob some anti-hormone treatment but not specified which yet and still referring to genetics as some family history.
The 2nd drug made me really dizzy/woozy they had to lie me flat ? & took the full 90 mins of remainder of cold cap for me to come around…hoping next time I’m better than that.
Ive felt blurghhh so far (no other word to describe it) nauseous but not sick, head achy and can’t sleep.
I used the cold cap today…extremely hard going but will try to persevere if it works fab…if not hey ho! Also saw the wig lady who ordered me a couple to try in my colour/style.
I’ve got my anti emetics, mouth wash, injections for next weeks & steroids to take morning of my next dose…
I’ve read loads of posts on here and find them all helpful and inspiring!!! Xxx

Sorry meant to post to August starters!!! ??? xx