Hi I’m 31 and just been diagnosed 3 weeks with breast cancer then 2 days later I had to have an emergency mastectomy. I am just waiting for an appointment to see my oncologist to start my chemo. I have a rare type that only 1% of woman get. I’m really confused and don’t know what to do.

Hello Laura ,welcome to the forum - you must be in shock after having to deal with diagnosis and surgery so soon afterwards - there is lots of support and advice here.Have you been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer - there is a section on the forum relating to that ?There are also monthly support threads for ladies starting chemo around the same time which should give you lots of advice and moral support .I will post you a couple of links .Jill xx

Hi Laura,

So sorry to see you here, but glad you found us, there’s loads of support from all of us here.

It is a horrible shock when first diagnosed, so to feel as you do is usual at this stage & we’ve all been there to varying degrees.  In addition, you have a rarer bc diagnosis to get your head around. Do you know what type of bc it is? Between all of us here, we’ve been through all of what bc can throw at us.

It will feel better once your treatment plan is in place & you start treatment, do look at the ‘going through treatment’ threads & join the monthly chemo group if you feel it would help.

Sending loads of hugs, the early days of diagnosis are the pits, but it does move on.

ann x





Hi Laura, I’m sorry you have had to join us but a warm welcome all the same ? 

Can I ask why you had an emergency mastectomy? As Its not usually an emergency situation. I had a rare form called tubular cancer . Have they told you what type you had or what happens next? 

It is all a shock to begin with but once you know what is going to happen it really does help Xx 



Hi Laura
Welcome to the forum.
I’m so sorry that you have found yourself here. But there will be lots of ladies that will come forward and help and support you as much as possible.
The first few weeks are the worse. Try to give yourself plenty of time to recover both physically and mentally. Things will settle down. Once your treatment plan is in place, it will get easier to process.
Please come and chat whenever you want.
Sue xx

Aww thankyou so much I really appreciate it. Its been a total shock all I’m concentrating on is my family I’m still in denial. I’m so worried about the chemotherapy.

Aww it’s a total shock. My tumour was 10cm across my right breast, had a ct scan the day before went in on the Friday it had to be removed. Just waiting for an appointment to start my chemo I just want to start and get it over with. I’m in denial my breast care nurse is sorting out a Councillor to speak too xx

OMGosh Laura, you dear girl, I too am sorry you have to join in with us, but you are so warmly welcomed.

We never close, so daytime, nightime, weekends, you come and write away and very often, even in the early hours, someone may be around to send you some comforting words and a hug.  Or you can sift through and find help from past posts and experiences.


I always describe it as having a ticket for a journey that none of us wanted to go on  -  but while we find ourselves here, then camaraderie and sharing is what we do.


Hugs aplenty xx

Thankyou so much its nice that every one is going through the same thing and that I can come on here and people will talk to you it’s very comforting ? your so right it is a journey but we’ve all got to get through it. I just want to start my chemo think mine will be end of Sept xxx

Aww thankyou so much. Is nice too off load it’s so much easier to talk to people who understand what you are going through and understand. I’m going to have a look at some fb chats, thankyou. Mine is rare I keep getting called unique off my breast care nurse haha only 1% of woman get this type of breast cancer at 31 years old I’ve lost a breast and dealing with all this in 3 weeks i havnt had time to absorb I feel so lost and confused xx

It will settle down, Laura. Of course you’re going to feel shock & denial & that’s just fine to feel as you do. As JaneB says, be guided by your team & do ask them if you need anything clarified.
There is a place for it, but at this stage, general googling is not helpful. If you need to talk things through, then do give the helpline here a ring 0800 800 6000
Sending hugs
ann x

Hi again Laura, I was just tootling around to see if there are any specific events/support sessions for younger women like yourself?


If on this site you go to Home - Information and Support - Support for You . . . . I found a page that lists ‘Younger Women Together’ events, so maybe if you have a look and see if anything is near to your part of the world, maybe that would help a bit with supporting you? There’s a contact number, and as limited numbers, you have to book?


If this of help to any other ladies under 45 ?  ( Also the ’ in your area ’ heading might be of some help? )


Many hugs xx