hiatus hernia and breast cancer

Ok i do not know if this is related, but I have had 2 operations one an mastectomy on the 19th May. the other on the 2nd of June for Lymph Node removal. Both operations went well and the doctors took out 15 lymph nodes which were not infected. Great news :slight_smile: but I still have to have Chemo just to make sure.
Anyway to get to my question if anyone can answer it on here is I have a hiatus hernia have had to over 2 years now, and it is playing up like mad after the second op. The tablets (Landsoprazol 30mg) I have been taking do not seem to be keeping it at bay anymore.
In the hospital after my op they thought i was having a heart attack and kept putting me on egc machines which came up normal and i kept telling them it was down to my hernia.
Is this normal after an operation for the hernia to be playing up like it is or am i going to need further treatment for it ?
I am off to see the doctor on monday 20th June which is not long away to ask Her but just wondered if anyone else has had any problems with this

Thanks alot

Angii xxxxx

Hi, I have a hiatus hernia, chemo played havoc with it. For me it was the worst part of chemo everything else was sailing. On my MRI scans the hiatus hernia is showing more prominent since the chemo. I was taking all sorts and varied what i was taking. Some days were worse than others. All seems like a distant memory now as the indegestion is all back under control mostly with diet.
So im afraid the only consolation i can offer you is it does get better when everything settles down. Good luck.

Thank you Hatty for your reply, and i’m glad there is light at the end of the tunnel because at the moment this just seems to be another thing for my partner and family to worry about at least i can let the know about your experience

Angii xxx

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Hello Angii,

I wonder if the problems with your hiatus hernia could be due to pain killers you had after your two ops? Some painkillers can do this I think, although if they know you’ve got a hiatus hernia or other stomach problems, they usually avoid those sorts of painkillers.

I do hope your symptoms are soon under a lot better control. If not, I wonder if your GP could give you something else for it temporarily, as well as the lansoprazole?

Take care! xxxx