hickman line removal

I’m having my hickman line removed on the 9th July and can’t wait to look more normal again.
No one has said what happens when they remove it other than they give you a local.
I was terrified having it put in and I’m much less stressed if I know whats going to happen.
So has anyone had this done and how did they do it?
Thanks for any info

Please don’t worry. Removal is very easy and takes a few minutes-at the most. All they do is tug gently on the line, until it all comes out-look away if you are nervous, but it’s neither stressful nor painful.I didn’t have a local.

I’ll second Elaine on that!! It seems these things come out a lot easier than they go in - says she, ahving had several lines in and out since my Hickman became infected.

Broomsticklady-I too had infection problems, with both hick +picc. As a secondaries gal, and on treatment for life, I now have a port. If you ever need a line again-ask for a port instead-they’re brilliant!

Thanks for that - I had a couple of temporary lines one in my groin one in the same area as the Hickman when I was in hospital. I’ve read the term ‘port’ and wondered what it is - can you explain a bit please? You may have read in anaother thread I don’t want to but may well join your ‘club’ at some point having had 15/20 nodes infected back in Apr 09.

thank you for the helpful comments - I won’t worry so much. Another qestion I have is does the hole take ong to heal because I want to be able to swim in the pool when i go on holiday 3 weeks after the line is out.
Some health authorities won’t pay for ports however long you needs them for. Mine in Leicester don’t do ports.

I’m tagging along too with this post as I’ve got a Hickman in. Insertion was painless 7 weeks ago with local and midazolam as a sedative. I think our health trust takes them out with local, but I’d like the sedative too, but i don’t think I’ll get lucky!

It’s 5 weeks today to my last chemo (Friday)and I suppose it’ll get taken out the following week? I’ll look away, that’s for sure! But if it wasn’t me and I was assisting as a nurse (I am one) I’d be very interested. Just shows I’m a complete wuss when the boot’s on the other foot!

Be nice to get rid of my boob tube/3rd nipple.

Hi there

I had mine removed last Friday and was at my son’s sports day to watch him win his race straight after. It quick and easy.

Mine is booked for the 19th July ( i think ) all going well. Thanks to all that have posted i am really quite chilled about it now.