Hickman Line

I saw the oncologist today to discuss my Chemo treatment, they tried to take some blood but owing to my poor veins gave up and have decided to put in a hickman line probably in a couple of weeks time. I will be sedated but not fully under. I will admit I am very nervous about it and they are prescribing a tablet to relax me which I will take an hour before they put the line in. Has anybody else had a hickman fitted under the same circumstances? Can anybody out there reasure me please? I’ve had 3 ops in 2 months, the last being a mastectomy and I am finding this more scary than the 3 olps put together.

Don’t be scared Diddly - I have had 3 of these done - and although you are conscious you really are off with the fairies :slight_smile: - you don’t feel anything and probably won’t remember anything either.


I had one too Diddly. I didn’t have anything to relax me and I was ok. My friend had a tablet and as Dawn says was off with the fairies. Saves all that stabbing and jabbing. Well worth it Love Eileen

Hi - I had a Hickman after my 2nd Epi. It is wonderful - no more needles. I did not have anything to ‘relax’ me and was fine. They do give you a local so you will not endure pain it just feels a bit weird. I was bit sore where they had put a stitch in my neck for 4 days after. Now I hardly know it is there.

Good luck with all your chemo - hope it goes well

I am petrified of the hickman been throught it all and now im having herseptin on fri and they want to put a hickman line in but i asked them to try not to . im having nightmares over it and i cry at the thought of it . dony know why

I’ve got my treatment dates. They are putting my Hickman line in on 25th July and my first chemo is 31st July. My Hubbie and I have booked a few days away in North Devon from 19th till 23rd July prior to the treatment starting. We have had to cancel a couple of holidays in the past year owing to me being ill. This year we had booked to go to Austria which would have been our first ever holiday abroad together in 22 years of marriage, sadly it’s in the middle of chemo treatment so we had to cancel. We are however planning to go next year instead.


Hi Diddly

I hope you enjoy your holiday - it is worth fitting them in as and when you can. Like you I have had to cancel loads of stuff due to this. My husband bought me a balloon flight for my 50th and we had to cancel it because of surgery - chemo etc. I am saving it as something to look forward to next year.
North Devon is lovely - hope the weather is good for you. Eat drink and be merry!

Good luck with all the chemo, the Hickman will make it just that little bit easier - Swanie

PS Susham - the Hickman sounds horrible but honest it is OK having it fitted and will save a lot of pain later. Ask them to give you a sedative while it is being done, it may help you. have a cyberhug - Swanie

Hi Diddly

I had a hickman line put in at the beginning of my chemo. Having spent months in ICU and HDU my veins were none existant. I didn’t have anything to relax me when they put it in, just local. It was fine though and I didn’t feel a thing. I had chemo for 6 months and it made it so much easier to administer the drugs. It also makes giving the chemo on the day much quicker.

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Don’t worry!!
Hope you have a great holiday.


Hi Diddly

I didn’t have a hickman line inserted but I did have a portacath put in yesterday - I think it is very similar this was done under a local and took about 45 minutes. The nurses were wonderful and kept me calm. I had awful problems trying to give them blood in the morning and ended up with my hand swelling up, my foot swelling up and a lovely bruise on my wrist - I’m so glad I went for the portacath now although I was very apprehensive at the begining, at least there will be no more problems with giving chemo and taking blood. I hope everything goes okay with you - remember we are all here for you


Hi everyone, I had my hickman line fitted yesterday. I had a small butterfly line put in the back of my hand then a sedative put through it. I wasn’t aware of anything happening and apart from feeling a bit stiff and sore today. The district nurse came this morning to re dress the wound this morning and I feel absolutly fine. The chemo strats next Tuesday 31st July at 10am.


Just read your post, glad you found line OK, must agree with lots of posts before it is quick to put in and I found I was happier with it in for chemo and taking blood etc. Chemo done much quicker.

Good luck with treatment and line.