Hickman line

Does anyone had hickman line fitted?
I may be having one fitted, and wondered does it leave a scar. Body has loads of battlescars because of BC but surgeon has kept them all within a bra and 1 in the middle of my chest forever would upset me as it would be staring back at me every time I look in the mirror.

Because a dopey nurse mucked up my PICC line, it had to be taken out. There is a chance they will be able to go in with the PICC again, but not sure if it can go in twice. Don’t want to sound vain, but I seem to spend ages massaging bio oil in my scars, I really dont need another one

Anyone had PICC re fitted? Anyone had Hickman?

Jules x


I knew a friend who had a Hickman line years ago when she had chemo. She does not have a scar you can’t notice at all now, she wears bikinis and low cuts tops and you really would never know.

hope this helps

al xx


I have a Hickmann line in just now for chemo. The entry site is very small and I am not concerned about a scar. I have a dressing over the site and that does show with V neck tops, but I either decide not to care or wear shirts, round necks etc. It has been brilliant for treatment and I have not had probs with it.



I had a hickman line which was removed in july. I have a small lumpy scar where the tube came out, about the size of a small pea. The scaring will depend on how much your skin adheres to the cuff. Mine didn’t want to let go so when the surgeon finished taking it out, he said sorry but your going to have a bit of a lump there, and i have.

Its hardly noticable, it depends on the type of tops i wear. Anyway, have started applying bio oil so hopefully it will reduce down.

gingermaz x x x