High grade DCIS and masectomy - waiting

I’m now in the final week of waiting for results after my mastectomy 22/2/17. I was diagnosed with approx 4cm high grade DCIS, from four core biopsies after MRI showed enhancement.
I’ve moved to the DCIS forum to see if there are any other ladies with this diagnosis, that stayed the same after mastectomy. I am so worried about them finding invasive in there.

I’ve had a mastectomy without reconstruction as it’s probable I’ll be having radiotherapy due to it being close to the chest wall. Recovering slowly but surely and still can’t move my arm above my head.

Hope you ladies are all doing well

       I really hope you get your results soon, I won’t tell you not to worry because I know from experience that’s impossible. I had a mastectomy on the 18th Jan and sentinel node removed. I had 115mm of high grade dcis(non-invasive) but the sentinel node was clear and will need no further treatment. I didn’t have immediate reconstruction as was expecting to have radiotherapy but I don’t need that now and am being referred for future reconstruction.

Keep on with the exercises, it really does make a difference, my arm movements are almost back to normal.Sending you best wishes.

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I had my mastectomy last June I had a 10cm area of dcis, a mix of all 3 grades. Fortunately, no invasive cancer was found so I too needed no further treatment. I do remember worrying about some invasive being found though.

Good luck, xxxx

Hello everyone
I’ve been waiting patiently for the results of my mastectomy just over 2 weeks ago.

I was hoping it would be just DCIS as the core biopsies indicated, but unfortunately they removed a 5cm tumour, of which 2cm is grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The four sentinel nodes biopsies were all clear, which I’m hoping means there’s no evidence of spread. The margins for the DCIS were 1.5 mm and for the invasive 15mm (which consultant said was encouraging). Because of my age (43) and the grade I’m to have chemo Smiley Sad, followed by radiotherapy.
I went in today hoping for the best news, we had just moved into our dream home yesterday … it’s not the news I wanted to hear, but it doesn’t sound like the worst it could have been.

I guess it’s full steam ahead now, courage and positivity - chemo to start 6-8 weeks.