High grade dcis but no chemo.

Hi fellow sufferers. Just a question. I have had WLE and re-excision as margins were not clearfor dcis. 2nd op was 4 weeks ago surgeon admitted he was worried I was going to need mastectomy but 2nd op margins were clear. I have oncology appointment on Monday and have been told I will be having 3 weeks x 5 rads. Most people on here seem to have had chemo as well , this hasn’t been mentioned for me. I wasn’t told the actual type of cells. Will the oncologist have this answer from original information. Hoping there will be no chemo mentioned but has anyone else with high grade dcis had same treatment ? Thank you

I had a WLE followed by a re-excision for high grade DCIS in July. In September had 3 weeks x 5 rads . Chemotherapy is not given for DCIS as it is not invasive. I have first visit back with consultant next July when I’ll get a mammogram then mammograms annually. Hope this helps you Boobywoo x

Hi booby woo I am exactly the same as you. Diagnosed with high grade dcis in September had wle which achieved 3 clear margins then a cavity shave op to achieve the final clear margin. No 8nvasive cancer found so I have a meeting with oncologist next week about starting my 15 sessions of radium. I don’t have to have any tablets like tamoxifen either. I hope your meeting and radium go well. I am hoping mine will be all done by Christmas x

Hello Ali 49 and ag. Thanks for your replies. Let’s hope the radioactivity burns any remaining pre-cancer gremlins ! I don’t think I will start mine until new year as surgeon said need 8 weeks healing required from 2nd op. Wishing you both many cancer free years x

How did your oncology apt go Booby woo? Got mine today x

Hi All 49. Hope your appt went well. Had mine Monday. Wasn’t told anything new apart from rads to start in 3 to 4 weeks and over Christmas and New Year !! Awaiting planning appt and dates now. On another tangent I have just heard from my niece today. She is infection control nurse at the spire hospital where I had my 2 operations. ( rads are on NHS though ).She has been really supportive. She had mammogram last year because of lymp which was a cyst. She got called for routine mammogram as turned 47. They said she didn’t need to have it as had one last year. However because of me she decided to go ahead. She has now been told she has to have a lumpectomy. Not connected to last year’s lump. I will be with her for her result next week as she had biopsy today and is a single parent to 2 children ! Cannot stress to anyone how important routine mammograms are. X

Hi boobywoo sorry for lateness of reply but how dod things turn out for your niece? Also how are you after rads? Hope all is well x