High Wycombe

High Wycombe

High Wycombe hi
Just wondering if anybody here on the forum is going to the Living with Secondary Breast Cancer day on 27th April?
Also, is anybody going to be there the night before?
Hope to meet some of you

Dear Kate,

Yes I will be there and I’m looking forward to it, especially meeting others “like me”.
My one fear is that it will clash with a CT scan. My onc has just requested an urgent scan to be done next week and I have a horrible feelng that they will want to do it on Friday. So fingers crossed.
I live in North London so will be driving up for the day.
I hope that I do get to meet you on the 27th.


I’m so glad you responded - i began to wonder if I was the only one going!!! I really hope the CT scan isn’t booked for then as it would be a shame for you to miss this day. I suppose it depends how urgent is urgent isn’t it.
Hope to meet you on the day then and hope the Ct goes well. I find it always a struggle for them to find my veins!!! I don’t mind the drink as long as it is lemon squash but i hate the hot, wet feeling - I’m sure you know what I mean!!

Yuk, that feeling!

I missed it for about the last 18 month worth of scans as they couldn’t get a needle into me but last week they managed it. Boo!

There are others going to High Wycombe from here Kate, but I don’t know if they are around at the moment to answer your message, so I’ll do it for them! I’ve met a few of them and they are really nice. Hope you all have a good time - look forward to hearing about it.


Ah I was going to post the same message as Jenny! :slight_smile:
I’m not going to High Wycombe but was only going to say like Jenny I’ve met them too (and I’ve met Jenny!) and yes they are very nice.

I would love to have gone to the Living with Secondary Cancer day but have radio booked for that day. Are there any other days scheduled in the near future?

Hi Kate I am going to High Wycombe on friday. I live in Aylesbury which is about 25 minutes drive away.
I am looking forward to meeting you. I know someone else who is going and she is lovely.
I usually call myself Panda ! but my name is Beverley.
See you there.

Love Bev x