Hip pain

Hello all,
Just wanting to share this and see if anyone can offer advice as going a bit mad with worry! I’ve finished treatment for trip neg breast cancer in dec 2013 (diagnosed April 2013). However I’ve been suffering from a hip pain/ache, mainly on resting and at night. My question is…could this possibly be bone mets so soon after finishing chemo (finished in Oct 2013)? I’ve had a bone scan today and the radiologist gave the impression that all was ok but I can’t help worrying and have that terrible ‘gut’ feeling. Also, is it possible that bone mets doesn’t show up on bone scan?
Many thanks

Sorry to read about your worries.  Well in theory yes it could be bone mets so soon after chemo, but it’s very unlikely.  Good you had a bone scan today, if there is anything it will show up.  I know it’s horrible and this fear of mets is something we somehow have to learn to live with.  I’m 2.5 years since DX and have some “funny” pain in my left hip / thigh I’m going to see my consultant about next week.  Other ladies years down the line say it gets easier with time, and one lady 14 years after DX said to me “you kind of forget”, still waiting for this to happen.  It’s all perfectly normal, to feel every twinge and ache, we are now very sensitive to these things.  Hope all is well xxx



I had mine mx and recon last aug but did not have chemo or rads luckily. I am on letrozole and suffered really bad hip pain that was making it difficult to walk. I did go and get some calcium tabs from doctors. I take them now and again. I have started to eat butter and drink more milk and touch wood in last couple of weeks have been pain free. My thought at the moment is that low Cariore low fat dies not agree and may have some thing in it that disagrees with me. Hope this helps. Bev

I have also had hip pain since my chemo. I am taking Letrozole and have put it down to this as other joints also painful. However all of these joins improve with exercise, as much as possible.