Hit by a bus

I’m on my fourth chemo (2 FEC, 2 taxotere) and 2 more taxotere to go. Feeling today like I’ve been hit by a bus!!

I knew to expect my legs to ache but my god, do they ache. They were a bit like this after the first taxotere but this is worse. I’m also having G-CSF injections which make me feel like c***. 4 more days to go of GCSF

Feeling sorry for myself but think I’ve got every right to!!! Chemo is such a huge thing to go through. However some days I tell myself to get a grip and today is not one of them. Have been sitting round the house for most of the day feeling sorry for myself and getting frustrated with my OH. He does get it in the neck at times.

Have had neutropina twice so every chemo I get very very anxious and walk round the house with my thermometer getting paranoid. I’ve done that tonight already.

God I hate this

Thanks for listening


Hi Jenny

Sorry to hear your feeling so (hit by a bus) unwell, chemo has to be the worst experience. I’m going for my third EC of four on Tuesday, not looking forward to it as the after effects of no. 2 were so bad.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Best wishes

Maggie x

Hi Jenny
I had three taxoteres -each were worse than the one before. The symptoms you are describing are exactly the same as I had
You have every right to feel sorry for yourself and boy did i as well!
If its any consolation It will pass
Thinking of you

Thanks Jools.

Did you also get a sore throat. I got that on the first taxotere and I can feel it coming on again.

I just don’t know what to do with myself tonight. I’m like a cat on hot bricks.

Hi Jenny

I had my first taxotere on 10 Oct and I felt like I had been hit by a double decker bus and more for about 5 days. My tax was on the Wednesday, by Friday felt crap, and ached everywhere, couldn’t sleep and mouth hurt. But by the Tuesday I started to feel so much more human. So it really lasted just over 4 days, and it is not nice. Was so good on FEC, that it really was a shock to the system to feel so knocked out … it will pass.

Take care of yourself and rest if you can. I have problems listening to body and resting cos got 3 yr old and 11 month old, so no rest for me …



Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad,when you mentioned about being paranoid with the thermometer because of the neutropina,it reminded me when i recently went through the same, neutropinic 3 times,in hospital each time,After day four my husband would constantly shove the thermometer in my ear,sometimes 3 or 4 goes each time if not happy with the reading. I developed thermometer rage in the end.I know this part is pants, but once you overcome this bit,rads is a walk in
the park.

Take care


Hi Jenny

Oh it is so rubbish isn’t it? I hate chemo too…I have had 3xFEC and 2xTAX, so very impatiently waiting for 2nd Nov and my last dose. I totally sympathise with you, the aches, the pains all down the legs, the yakky mouth - no doubt about it, it is GRIM. But, c’mon it is doing an awesome job and you are so close to the finish line now. Hang in there! On the subject of being hit by a bus I thought this story would cheer you up…

My Oncologist phoned me to ask how I felt after the first Taxotere…now he is foreign so I think this was kinda lost in translation somewhat but in reply I said…‘Oh god I just feel like I’ve been hit by a bus’.
He said (in a rather panicky voice) ‘OH NO - YOU’VE JUST BEEN HIT BY A BUS, ARE YOU OK?’ Hmmm had to laugh, bless him he was probably thinking…How much bad luck can one person have!!!


Hi Jenny,

Hope you are feeling a little better now. I have had the same treatment as you, only been neutropenic once though. I did the final Tax on 17/10 and am feeling like I’m nearly there symptoms wise - obviously so much easier when its the last one - spent the weekend in bed and will spend at least another 2 days lolling around in my PJ’s!

I got the sore throat thing twice, 1st and 3rd time. Although FEC was way harder for me (nothing could control the sickness!) Tax has been more difficult cause the symptoms are never quite the same.

Couldn’t help noticing your user name - either you are from Nam or have been there on your hols - I lived there for a good chunk of my teens - my mom and brother are still there.


Hi Jane

I have been to Nam on a charity trek across the Namib desert. It was the best thing I ever did!

My symptoms are starting to settle down although I have come to the decision that I am totally paranoid about taking my temperature and it is doing me no good psychologically. I’m going to try my best to cut it down to twice a day.