Hoarse voice

Does anyone have a hoarse voice associated with cancer? Can decide whether its cancer or reflux.

Yes, I have a croaky voice a lot of the time-I think it can be a side effect from chemo treatment-My voice seems to have changed octave too!!

Hi bc-lass - my father and a former colleague of mine both have a hoarse voice caused by acid reflux. It gives them a sort of soft, strained voice. My former colleague was told that it was the acid going up the oesophagus which causes a change in the cells and can affect the voicebox. My colleague had botox injections in her voicebox, which helped but only for about 6 months and then it needed doing again. Hopefully yours is that, rather than cancer related. Although you do have my sympathies with the reflux - I had trouble with it the first time I had chemo and it’s really unpleasant, isn’t it.

Best wishes.



Thanks flo x