Holiday after treatment

Holiday after treatment

Holiday after treatment I have had 6 months of chemo and had 11 of 15 bouts of radio. which I finish next Tuesday. I feel fine and have booked a 4 day city break abroad in January. Which my Oncologist said would be fine, but do I need special insurance and I have heard some rumours about flying after lymph removal. Can anybody shed any light on this. Thanks slippy. xxx

Go on holiday and have a great time!

I went away for 10 days between finishing 6 months of chemo and starting rads - still had the line in. We got normal insurance with no cover for breast cancer but as we were going to EU country made sure we had the new card that repaces the old E111. Decided that it was worth the risk and that if anything really went wrong they would treat me in hospital there.

As it was nothing went wrong, even flying with the line in caused no problems, and boy did I feel better for having the break and feeling ‘normal’ for a while.

good luck

Factsheet Hi Slippy

Below is a link to a factsheet on breast cancer and travel insurance
whick you may find helpful.

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