Holiday and tamoxifen

Hi all wondering if anybody can help me with a query.

Dx in June 2009, had mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy and 18 months of herceptin. Reconstruction in June 2011, so happy to see my cleavage again.

I am going to Egypt in June for a well deserved 2 week break, do I have to get a letter from my GP stating about my Tamoxifen or not. ???


If i were you I would check with on the Foreign office website.
I know that I took a letter from my GP when I went to Dubai for work.

HI Sarah

I’ve been on lots of holidays on tamoxifen (including Alaska USA) and Letrozole, and it has never crossed my mind to take a letter from my Dr. I have always travelled with the pharmacy pack with the label on; I have never had any problems.

Have a great trip!
Kinden x

Thank you both of you xxx

H Sarah,
I have travelled extensively, including Egypt, since my diagnosis and the only place I have had to take a letter from my GP re Tamoxifen (and the medication I take for high blood pressure) is Dubai - it seems they are really strict about medication.
Have a wonderful well deserved holiday x

Thanks doxey xx

Thanks for asking Sarah, it’s not something I had thought about (we’re off to Morroco) so I followed Vercor’s link and I don’t need to worry but I will take all my packaging!


Another grateful one - only going to Hungary, but had never even contemplated this possibility.

Don’t take Tamoxifen but take Arimidex. I’ve never had a problem with medication and have travelled a lot since my treatment ended.(have to have extra luggage allowance though ha ha) I always take all medicines in their original boxes and take along with me a copy of my repeat script. When I arrive I then transfer the pills into my weekly pill box. I always take them in my carry on bag and have a week’s worth spare just incase. Enjoy your hols.

Thanks Cadi, it’s great to get some advice from ladies in the know