Holiday between chemo and rads

Just finished chemo and rads start 22 Aug, so we are trying to fit in a holiday just before then. Had my heart set on a cruise round the Greek islands and have two short-listed. But am now wondering whether it might be better to go to one resort and stay put, rather than a cruise jumping on and off at different places and potentially lots of different bugs and things. We did a cruise last year and loved it - guess I am just being a bit over-cautious!

Got to phone round for travel insurance next week - have got quire a few leads from this site, so hopefully I will be successful. But do you have to have written ‘OK to travel’ from the Onc - have one site that has requested this.

Any advice anyone?

Hi Anita

I took a holiday to Cyprus 15 days after last chemo session and start rads 15th August. Didn’t need the ok from Onc but he did give some advice regarding travelling abroad. I had wanted to go to Eygpt but onc advised against it because of the risk of infection. Your immune system will be supressed and blood count low after chemo so you will have to be careful with tummy bugs etc. Avoid drinking water unless it’s bottled, no ice, no salads, only fruit that you can peel, no seafood, only eat in decent restaurants, use a high protection insect repellent etc. You also need to be aware that most travel insurance companies will not cover you although there are a handful that do at a premium.
Never the less I had a great holiday and really needed it after 6 months of chemo.
Hope this helps and you have a fantastic holiday.

Best wishes