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Hello All,

I was diagnosed 4 years ago and I have been going abroad regularly since then and up to now have not had a problem with travel insurance. I rang up today to get cover and the company said that they would not cover me at all but referred me to a company called Freedom. I have yet to ring them but will they charge a realistic premium? My husband who has heart disease is going to be covered by our usual insurance company. But the risks as far as we concerned are higher with him than me.

Has anyone used Freedom or can you suggest another company?


Hi hazel,

It is such a dilemma with insurance isn’t it! Which part of the world are you hoping to go to - is it in Europe? I do have the names of a few companies you can try and have put them on, but the problem here is that it is not very clear what BCC will allow us to post. Perhaps the moderator can let us know if I may post the websites for you. After all this is something that is of help to everyone.


Hello Dawn,

We are off to Austria for 4 nights in January, sight-seeing not skiing!!!



Hi Hazel

Breast Cancer Care have published a factsheet with some information about travel insurance which you may find useful:

Hope this helps.

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If you put the search criteria “travel insurance” in this forum you will see lots of references and recommendations. It is a subject that comes up regularly. People have had difference experiences. I can tell you that I got an annual worldwide travel policy while I was still having rads for £55. The excess was £50 for anything except bc when the excess increased to £500

Good luck
Sharon x

The other thing to consider is do you need to be covered for your primary breast cancer when it’s further down the road? I had 10 clear years before secondaries and I used to tell them that I had a pre-existing medical condition but that I didn’t want it covering but it was noted on my insurance policy. I used to think ‘what am I going to become ill on holiday with which is related to my breast cancer?’

The factsheet produced by some of the cancer charities shows Medi Travelcover Ltd (also known as InsureCancer) as having the wrong telephone number.

There is also another company called miaonline who are excellent but they only cover Europe at the moment.


I have also been happy to exclude my primary breast cancer (diagnosed four years ago) from my travel insurance as I thought that there would hardly be anything related to breast cancer that would not wait until I got home. However I had a pulmonary embolism due to my chemotherapy. I was happy about excluding this while I was on warfarin but now I have stopped taking this I am rather more concerned. I am in the process of investigating travel insurance at the moment but may decide to restrict myself to holidays in the UK until I feel a bit more confident!


I have travel insurance for a family skiing holiday in the Feb half term - five of us for a week, winter sports in Europe for £55 from Aberdeen Insurance. This covers us for my breast cancer with no extra excess. I had only just finished rads when I took the policy out, and I am currently on tamoxifen & herceptin.

I tried Free Spirit Travel Insurance first and was quoted over £300 just for me. You could also try AllClear2Go wich had quoted me about £80.

Aberdeen’s underwriters take the view that breast cancer is a fairly slow progressing disease (unlike say heart problems) and so the liklihood of needing the insurance due to the cancer on a one week holiday is pretty low.

Their number is 01472 826672

The problem for many of us with secondaries is actually finding a company that will cover you. I have found Freedom, Freespirit and Miaonline all very helpful with varying premiums. Never had any problems before I had secondaries - haven’t tried Aberdeen yet - might give them a try next year when we’re thinking of going abroad again.

I think it depends on what stage your cancer is at and, for the likes of me and many women with secondaries, it’s a necessity that we have travel insurance to cover us.


That is so true, pinkdove. I have secondary cancer and have found it impossible to obtain travel insurance at a reasonable price. Earlier this year , I looked for travel insurance for a weeks holiday in Majorca. I had used Freedom Insurance before but the management had changed and I had a really distressing phonecall with them, when they told me that I did not fit into their computerised checking system and as they were only clerks with no medical knowledge, they did not feel able to insure me and referred me to Insurecancer. I then spoke to a really nice lady at Insurecancer who advised me that the quote for the week would be over £400 and did I want to proceed. As this was more than the cost of the holiday, I decided not to and eventually insured with M&S, declaring my secondary condition but not being covered any claim connected with breast cancer. I did not feel too worried by this as I would have been covered by the EHIC at the state hospitals in Majorca.

I found the whole experience really upsetting and felt quite trembly and low when I eventually came off the phone. However the holiday was great so well worth the trauma.


Hi Wendy

Try miaonline as they are excellent - it cost me £44.50 for two weeks in the South of France last year, plus they give you the name of the nearest hospital to where you’re staying.

It didn’t faze them that I was still on chemo and receiving other treatments - all they asked was that my oncologist made a note in my file that she thought I was well enough to travel. You can only book it up to 2 months prior to going on holiday which makes sense because we don’t know how well we might be in the future. Plus they only cover Europe at the moment but I know they are looking at offering it worldwide but don’t know when that will be offered.

Interesting that you tried InsureCancer as I spoke to one of their representatives at the annual conference that Macmillan put on recently in London and he said they weren’t interested in my prognosis only that I would be well enough for those two weeks that I was away but it sounds like it comes at a cost!

Do try Mia as I’ve found them really good. The Breast Care Nurses in my hospital now give their details to secondary patients plus the clinical trial nurses have passed this info on to their patients who have other cancers.


Thank you, pinkdove. That’s really good advice. I’ll certainly contact Mia when we get round to booking next year’s holiday.

Wendy x

Hi Ladies,
I am hoping to plan a trip to SA next year - big step for me as I’ve never even been on a plane!
My onc has suggested a travel insurance called ‘It’s so easy’ which i will research after Christmas - i don’t have seconderies (hopefully) but am on Heceptin.
Enjoy your holidays

Good luck Caroline and hopefully you can get some insurance sorted out. It might be an idea to talk to your breast care nurse or oncologist next year to see whether you really need to insure yourself for breast cancer and ask them what, if they say you need to be insured, you might need that insurance for.

I think I’ve posted on here before to say that I never used to get my breast cancer covered but declared it otherwise if you have a claim for something else it might put your whole claim in jeopardy.