Holiday insurance

Hi all
I know this is on the website but I could not find it.
I am planning to go to Paris and need some holiday insurance. At the minute I am on chemo for secondary on my spine so ‘normal’ insurance is out.
Any ideas.
At the minute I am feeling really low. On Xeloda and have upset tummy for 5 days. Am hoping the break will lift me a bit.
The upset tummy comes and i take the diahorrea (SP) tablet which gets rid of it until the next time I need to go to the loo. Sorry to be so graphic but I know you folks out there understand the indidnity this disease throws at you.


To be honest, I had taken to travelling just with EHIC (that’s what my onc told me to do when I told her the probs I was getting). But, a few people on here have recommended Miaonline.
Their premiums are very low as they depend on you also obtaining a EHIC card to cover you for medical emergencies. But at least they cover you for so many other things, it almost makes you feel normal!
Go and enjoy Paris!


I used Miaonline last year when I went to Tenerife, have secondaries in my liver. Was only about £46 for me for 2 weeks. You cannot apply online, just get the phone number, but they are very helpful and accommodating.

Enjoy your hols.


Hi Muddy

I’m just back from 10 days in the Canaries and used miaonline - as Dawn says you need to ring them but they really deal with you well. I think we paid (for me and hubby) £76 for the 10 days and that covered the bc fully. I (like you) am on xeloda so wasn’t sure that I would be able to get any insurance. Sympathise with the tummy problems too!

Hope mia can sort you out and you have a fantastic time in Paris.


Thank you
I rang and spoke to a lovely girl all sorted for £47. Thanks for your help. Roll on Paris