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I am on tamoxifen, diagnosed bc Feb 2010, had mastectomy, chemo then rads and back at work since November looking to go to Thailand for two weeks in July, but my insurance company won’t cover me for breast cancer, should I take their insurance without that cover or do I need to find full cover and can anyone recommend a company to use, I feel fine but would like to know what anyone else has done in a similar situation.

Any advice appreciated

Hi Melon

I would check with your local maggies centre, a lady having her RT at the same time as me got advise from them, she had been turned down for a cruise she was going on in July I think. I was turned down for insurance due to BC treatment.

I wasn’t off to Thailand; I was going to Bruges for the weekend. I found a firm on-line I think called staysure who seemed to cover a lot of pre-existing conditions.

Have a great time.


Hi melon

There is a long thread on this in the secondary cancer section.
It’s on page 2 of living with secondary breast cancer titled ‘travel insurance advice please’.

As you have finished treatment you should be able to get cover with one of the specialist insurers. If for any reason you can’t, I would have thought it would be fairly low risk to go without cover - the only place I wouldn’t go without any insurance is the States. I’m probably going without insurance this summer - I have secondaries but no symptoms - although if I can get a good deal nearer the time I’ll take it.

Good luck - have a fab holiday.

finty x

MIA online is by far the best with complex medical situations. Reasonable and cover existing conditions. Im v v complex and £45 for a week in france.

Sadie Xx


I paid £90 for 2 1/2 weeks in Florida in March of this year. I went with and they covered everything including BC. Very friendly staff.

Amanda xx

Thanks for all the advice got insurance for myself and kids with M and S - possibly not the cheapest but am fully covered including bc.


Based on other threads here i had decided to try insurepink but couldn’t get through on the phone; I tried all afternoon. So started down the list of usual suspects… lots will cover BC but “Lymphoedema-what’s-that-then??” got a cold shoulder or a ridiculous premium loading from most. I have ended up with Asda and i went for the multi-trip to save the hassle for next time.

For those who got EHIC card that replaced the old E111 form, beware, they have a five year life which means the first cohort have just expired! There are various scams about renewing but if you go to it is free and easy to renew online, you need the old card and your NI or NHS number when you start. I don’t find many online things easy, so it must be a good Plain English site :slight_smile:

Another one to try is insurancewith, they seem to cover lots of things that Insurancepink don’t.

Happy holidays.

Tess x