HOLIDAY when this lot's over - is it possible?

Hi - I am post mx, and one third of the way through FEC and T… finish that end July… August off… Daily rads (hopefully through Septepmber) I would LOVE a holiday in October at the end of all this - something to look forward to. Our best friends want to go to Florida with us - somewhere we’ve been before, but I’m wondering if I’ll cope with the long flight and all that so soon after rad finishes. Anyone been there? How did you feel? What’s the best advice (or is it just “wait and see how you feel”? ) This is such a long haul… Thanks… Jane

Hi GIJaneH

I went to Mauritius (13 hour flight) last summer a few weeks after finishing 10 months of 4 surgeries, chemo and 35 rads including high dose to spine, and whilst still having 3 weekly IV treatment for secondaries. I was fine, although I did take it easy when I was there - not too long in the sun, and covered up the rads area. But I made a point of going for a long walk every day and swimming for half an hour.

My parents live in Florida so have been many times,and October is my favourite time of year there - beach would be great but I wouldn’t have had the energy for taking the kids to theme parks if that is on your agenda.

Go - and have a wonderful time.

finty xx

Hi GIJaneH I went on holiday to the Caribbean last Nov, about 6 weeks or so after finishing chemos, surgeries and rads and more surgery for an unrelated abscess.( 8 hr flight) Had a brill time. I took care in the sun but it was quite an active holiday, Tai Chi, swimming, aquaerobics, walking and stretch classes daily interspersed with lots of lazing around. I’m single so went alone. I got a last minute booking.It really was a great tonic. I arrived back at Birmingham ( Gatwick airport closed due to snow lol)Even that didn’t phase me I was so chilled.( literally and metaphorically) My car had to stay at Gatwick for several more days but hey the holiday was so brill. I had the first anniversary of my dx whilst I was away but that as by the by.This BC stuff is a long haul having something to look forwards to would be great. Love J xx

I think you’d be fine unless you were planning on doing something particularly energetic or going somewhere where good sanitation would be a problem.

We’re going away a month after I finish rads but the only reason we’re waiting that long is so that I can get proper travel insurance. From what I’ve seen it’s not a problem or even expensive to get cover for BC related issues (especially for a primary BC) as long as you go the right company, but they want you to be four weeks or a month after active treatment. I know a lot of people go away with insurance that excludes BC but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Jane xxx

Definitely go, but be aware when you book to leave two or three weeks extra for unexpected delays to your treatment. I had a total of 7 weeks delay during chemo (Fec T)- that’s rather more than most, but you might have a week’s delay if your wbc is low for example, so factor that in. I’m sure you’ll feel well enough to enjoy it. The chemo takes far more getting over than radiotherapy so you’ll continue to improve from that during rads.

Stella xx

I agree with the possible delays Stella - I was very lucky and despite a nasty infection and yo-yoing blood counts I actually had all my chemos on the right date but I think I’m probably in the minority!

We haven’t actually booked our holiday yet - we decided some time ago that we needed to wait for my rads dates before doing anything. As I’ve now got my complete list we can book to our hearts’ content!

Jane xxx

Very good point about delays - I had a weeks delay in chemo and also a few days mid rads. You probably won’t get your dates for rads until chemo is over. Depending on where you are going there could be up to a 6 week wait between chemo and rads, so you need to factor that in.

finty x

Holidays are certainly possible I went for a week in Madeira 3 weeks after my last chemo, Cuba 3 weeks after my last radiotherapy. I took it easy and stayed covered up whilst on the beach and by the pool and had no ill effects. In fact I felt so much better especially after the chemo. The only thing I would suggest is to check out the insurance as I found that a lot of companies would not insure me to go to Cuba as they club that in with the US, Canada. I can’t recall which company I used but it was expensive but worth it. Happy holidays.


I went on a 14day cruise 2 weeks after 6 Fec and 20 Rads and was fine.It was great to get away with just hubby and myself and have time to relax since Dx 10 months before. I met loads of ladies on the cruise who had BC and had the same idea as me.

Go ahead and book your holiday and have a great time.

Love Anne xx

We went to Norway a week after radiotherapy finished in a campervan (and not a coach built). DR Kumar had managed to organise radiotherapy around holiday as it had been booked a year before diagnosis. The issue is with insurance but my OH decided as we were in europe if anything went wrong he’d just strap me to the bed and drive home!!!
I had a good time, the only down side was the lack of wine and limited food choice. We usually holiday in France and Italy where both are cheap and unlimited.
After surgery we went away up to Northumberland for a long weekend, also in the van. OH had to be taught how to pack and dress infected wound by the district nurse. This is a man who passes out at the sight of his own blood!
Both did me the world of good, and you certainly appreciate what you are seeing after all the stress and worry.
Holidays can be hard work so you just have to be sensible and don’t plan too much.
Happy days.

i had 6 months of chemo between july and december 2009 and 5 weeks of rads over jan and feb and went to New York 3 weeks after last rads… flew from edin to netherlands then to newark… we had a few hours lay over in Schiphol but i think i was just too excited about going away that i didnt feel tired… i did have lots of long lies when i was away but had a great time and totally loved NYC.

hope you get away and have a fab time.

flew to South Africa ( about 12 hours) after first EC ( of 4) in 2003 and after first tax (after 3x fec) in 2010. Not easy but could not let the family down. Flew back again too !!

Went to New York for 3 nights mid chemo (TAC) 2 years ago and Australia after the chemo finished. LOVED IT ALL!! Did ME good - and im sure a break will do you good to. MIAOnline best for insurance.

Happy Holidaying!

Sadie Xx