I have had 9 sesssions, 16 to go. I was hoping to take a holiday 3 weeks after treatment ends to Turkey. Will keep out of sun and not swim. I am not taking he kids so will be chilling. Can anyone please advise as to how they were feeling 3 weeks after treatment ended please. Thanks everyone for all the support we give to one another. Kaz

I had 4xFEC,4xTaxol,then 6 weeks of radiotheraphy.I would’ve loved to have gone on a holiday afterwards - it just wasn’t an option for me! I’m sure you’ll be fine.Just take things easy and enjoy yourself you lucky thing!!!

Hi Kaz

We went to Center Parcs (May 07) 3 weeks after 25 sessions of rads and it was lovely to get away. I did lots of swimming too because the onc said just to stay away from swimming for 2 weeks after treatment had finished. I still kept using my E45 cream though but had no problems. In the summer we went to Portugal and I did go in the sun but kept the radiotherapy area covered and with factor 50 on it. If I was sitting in the sun I took a little cotton scarf which I folded over and tucked into my swimwear top to keep it covered.

Have a fantastic holiday and just chill - you deserve it!


i went on holiday to California 2 weeks after finishing rads
I kept covered up in the sun and wore a hat as hair still very fine
Had a wonderful time -it was just what i needed. Was a bit tired and the flights took me a bit of time to recover from but it was definately the right decision to go. I just listened to my body and rested as much as I could and didn’t try to cram too much into each day
Have a wonderful holiday


hi i went to spain the day after my treatment ended and had a wonderful relaxing time. The dry weather helped my burns clear up much quicker along with the flamazine(which was very cheap to buy out there). Enjoy!!!

I am going to Disney Paris next Thursday. Finish radio today. Onc happy about it. Says the break will do us all good. After surgery, chemo radio, and now break before herceptin.
He reckons I’ll be tired but the change will be good for all the family. It has been tough on husband and boys (11 and 8) so we can all spend some family time.


I went away 9 days after finishing rads and I swam every day. I hadn’t expected to be able to swim but the senior radiographer said, as long as the water didn’t cause the radiated area to feel sore, it would be ok. But check with your own oncologist or radiographer as they all seem to have different opnions. One radiographer was very doubtful about me going so soon but the oncologist was happy.
Hope you have a great time.