Having spent the last 11 months having treatment I am now beginning to look forward instead of backwards. I have had 6 herceptins and need to book a holiday. I was wondering if any of you had gone long haul whilst having herceptin. I am looking to go to Florida 2 days after herceptin so I will be back ready for the dose after. I understand that I cannot change the dates given so the holiday will be arranged round them but I am a little concerned if I have a Muga scan, which is due soon, and it causes all my dates to change.

Any tips etc will be greatly received as I fed up with my life revolving around hospital appts etc.


I can’t comment on long haul, but we are going to France in July - two weeks, all booked for ages, in between herceptins 12 & 13. I just got my diary out, worked out when the herceptins were due to be and booked it. If the herceptins change, they will have to work around my holiday. Having spent all last summer on chemo I’m not missing out on another summer holiday!

My oncologist told me that it isnt a problem to delay by a week - I have had to do so because of business travel reasons and will have to do so again later in the year (I am 9 down, 9 to go). If you delay beyond 5 weeks they have to give you the loading dose again as the level in your body drops too low for the normal dose.

Hope that helps


Thank you ladies for your response. My hubby was worried in case we booked to go to Florida and then had to cancel due to Herceptin dates changing. I am thinking the same as Roadrunner in that if they did, then they will have to work around my holidays. I would be travelling in between doses 10 and 11. We were going to Florida last year but had to cancel because of BC and now I am desperate to get away and think what the heck lets go.

Thanks again


I am missing one due to holiday,so will have a six week gap,my onc is fine with this as she says they prob give too much anyway.Think they are going to add it on at end.

Re my last comment I had herceptin yesterday and they are not leaving a six week gap as I thought but have booked me in the week I am back,so only one week later.


I’m having a five week gap due to holidays and my onc didn’t bat an eyelid. I got the impressin that if I missed six or more weeks it wouldn’t make much difference to the amount circulating in my body.

As I am on herceptin long term - since Jan 2004 - taking hols has never been a problem. The oncs seem only too happy to accommodate. I have been told 4 weeks is no problem at all but have tried asking for longer :slight_smile: and some of the hols have been longhaul stuff like India, Carribean, Alaska etc.


Thanks again for your comments. I have now gone and booked our two week holiday to Orlando as I thought sod it- we all need a holiday!!! I just need to arrange my travel insurance.


I haven’t been on hols since diagnosed last October, now desperate to get away. No-one has mentioned whether or not they have flown with a PICC line in? I have had this in for about 4 months and have to keep it while I’m on herceptin as veins damaged from chemo. Could someone out there reassure me I’m ok to take a short trip, 3 hours max?


Hi Jac

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