Hollow / dent in right breast

Hi all. I used to be a regular visitor but haven’t been on for some time now. I have noticed that when I’m lying down, I have a deep hollow in my right breast. I can’t see or feel anything when I’m upright. No other symptoms; no lumps etc. I had breast cancer nearly two years ago and had a left mastectomy. I found a lump that time. 


My concern is that when I had mammogram, nothing showed up at all!! I asked for a breast MRI and they found four tumours!! 


Ive had my regular checks and mammos. Last one in April (I think). 


Should i I bother with this? It’s probably just the ageing process and my boob getting saggy after breastfeeding 3 kids! I’m 47 now. Had cancer at 45, but all clear since…


any advice appreciated please. Thanks in advance, Mel. xx

Hi Mel, any changes in your breast however innocent are scary once you’ve had breast cancer aren’t they.You are not going to feel happy til you have the reassurance that all is well from further investigation are you.Hope it is just old saggy boobs!!!Good luck Jill.

Don’t worry about bothering doctors etc,it’s your body not theirs and I’m sure most people who have had any sort of cancer must be hyper aware of any changes and want reassurance ,if you need to go every week go ,sod what anyone thinks!!!