Home Responsibilites re pension

Ummm don’t know if any of you know ( and I’m not trying to teach grannies to suck eggs) that when you claim your pension you might be eligible for extra cash under this banner - I’ve just had an extra twenty pound per week increase through this to top up my pension, its making a real difference. So for all you lovely ladies 60 or over it’s worth ringing the Works and Pensions. p.s have phoned several time just to make sure it’s true and they arn’t going to ‘snatch back’ but they assure me everything is fine. Good Luck girls

Hi Steph - Do you mean for when you were bringing up children and in receipt of Child Benefit? You don’t get it if you had been paying Married Woman’s Reduced Rate National Insurance though, unless you cancelled it. I found this out to my cost when I requested a Pension Forecast.

Ann x

Hi Ann - what are you doing up so late? Yes they did say that if I’d been paying that It would have interfered with it . Happily it stopped by the time I went back to work and I never paid it . As I’m extremely distrustful of any department attached to any government I have plagued both pensions and inland revenue and am assured that all is o.k and 'no we wont be asking for ‘overpayment reimbursement’ but wish I had that in writing.

The forms they send are quite comprehensive and providing you detail all children’s details and work / benefit details all should be well !!

When I applied to activate my pension ( which I’d deferred for over a year) the lad on the other said ‘Well now lets see if you qualify for anything else to see if we can boost your pension’ without his help I wouldn’t have know about ‘Home Responsibilities Protection’.

They based this on the fact that I have either stayed at home and looked after my children or that any paid income was low - I’d returned to part-time supply work when my youngest child was five and believe me the pay was very low . I have to say that the Pensions Dept were so helpful … and patient but will let you know if I get a demand for any overpayment.