Homeopathy to help alleviate Tam flushes?

My BCU have referred me to their homeopathy service for help with the hot flushes and some of the other SEs of Tamoxifen, has anyone any experience of this? They suggested acupuncture too, but I’m a bit of a wuss…

Hi Ali
I haven’t had any experience of homeopathy for the SEs of Tamoxifen but have used it for other complaints in the past with great results. Think I may look into that myself as the hot flushes/cold flushes are driving me insane!

As for acupuncture… I’m the biggest wuss going when it comes to needles. I visited an osteopath a couple of years ago for a back problem. At the end of the treatment he announced out of the blue that he was now going to give me some acupuncture. I nearly passed out in the spot! However I can reassure you that you really don’t feel a thing… nothing… bizarre! :slight_smile: x