Hello all, had breast cancer lumpectomy and on tamoxifen,  just about to begin  lovely rads. Thinking of trying homeopathic meds too, my doc has teferred me to local homeopathic hospital which is linked to my cancer hospital so they’re well versed in the interactions etc. Tamoxifen may be life saving but boy, is it horrible. ?..I have night sweats, insomnia, depression, mood swings. I already have tinnitus and its got worse too!! Living alone, late sixties,  no real support from anyone, I am desperate to lift the mood. My life seems pretty much ruined by the condition,  loneliness and fear of future. Has anyone out there tried homeopathic remedies?     

Hi, I am using homeopathy, i have used it many times before for my children. I find the whole process of using and accessing homeopathy very therapeutic. I would recommend it especially if there is a respected link with the NHS. Good luck.