Does anyone know whether you can take honey with hormone therapy?

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I can’t see why it would be a problem. Because it is unpasteurised it could be an infection issue with chemo due to the effect on immune status, but that isn’t the case with homorne therapy. Something like Manuka honey is supposed to be quite good fr you - richer in nutrients than brown/white sugar as sweetner. Maybe I’ve missed something?

That’s a good point maggy

I have a post-op wound that’s opened up which the breast care nurses are treating with Manuka honey (which is really working!), and I’m taking a couple of teaspoonfuls a day. I’ve been on Letrazole now for a couple of months and the nurses have given no indication that there would be any problems, and I certainly haven’t experienced any.

cancer feeds on sugar, the only safe type to have is zylitol or stevia as they are not converted to glucose, unfortunately , if you have cancer honey is not so good x

Thanks very much Cornish girl for posting that link to the website and article re sugar and cancer. Really interesting and something of a relief!
I’ve always thought it seemed a bit simplistic to say that cancer cells feed off sugar

And also thanks to those who’ve posted some great recipes on this thread.