Hope for us all perhaps?

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so here goes.

We went to see an insurance company today to arrange some insurances and change what we already have.

I asked the lady about me taking out a life insurance policy to which she told me that once my BC is treated, and there is NED, I will not have a problem in getting insurance because here (France) they consider that BC is a very treatable disease, unlike some other types of cancer.

I came away feeling a little bit more positive and thought I would share it with you all.


Way to go…what a boost!

that’s great news

Great news ,I got a similar boost from my consultant this week which has helped me enormously.


That is good news as insurance companies will not take uncalculated risks!!

Keep it coming ladies

Just to add my story I am now classed as 5 years NED and Bupa have now instated an insurance policy that will cover me for any future “issues” relating to the origial cancer and also any new primaries, I guess that says alot as insurance companies do not like forking out huge amounts of money on hopeless cases…It gave me a small boost to hear that they have faith the cancer will not (fingers X’d) rear its head again.

Hi all,
How lovely to read this- what does NED mean by the way?
Anne X

No evidence of Disease. I think they use this more than the " remission " one now.

thank you!