Hope I'm home for Crimbo!!!

Hi all

Well the time has come…I’m in tomorrow for my mastectomy. Gosh it’s like a dream, still hasn’t hit me what’s going to happen. Just want rid I suppose.

Docs have said should be home for Xmas. I really hope so. Want to see my little ones faces Christmas morning.

Just wanted to say good luck to everyone else going in this week - hope we all get home in time.

Got my chewy, v-pillow, open front pjs, bras - but I don’t feel prepared at all. Haven’t packed yet!!

Ta ta guys
Any last minute advice would be great

cant offer advice as i did not have a masectomy but wanted to wish you all the best and hope that you get your wish to be at home with your family on christmas morning

No advice I’m afraid. Just wanted to wish you good luck. Hope your home for Xmas.
Caz x

Hi Mammabee

Just wanted to wish you all the very best and let you know I will be thinking of you.

I had my mastectomy 8 days ago - still cant believe it in a lot of ways - think I’m in denial!! I stayed in till both drains were removed but was still home on post op day 5 so you should be fine - fingers crossed.

No advice, sounds like you are prepared - apart from the packing!! Not being personal but what kind of knickers do you wear?? Personally I only wear thongs and strings but didnt want to go to theatre with them on - so went out and bought plain white cotton ones - that way I could wear them to theatre and at least maintain some modesty!!

Take care

Hi Mammabee

I go in for my mastectomy tomorrow too!!

I’ve been told by my bcn that I may be out on Friday, if not, it’ll be Saturday morning so I’m sure you’ll be out in time for Christmas.

Hope everything goes ok, from what everyone’s told me, it’s not as bad as we imagine it will.

Take care

Tish xx

PS: I haven’t packed yet, think I’ll leave it till the morning and open a bottle of wine instead!!


Just wanted to wish you both the very best for your ops tomorrow. I had my mastectomy on 3rd October, and it was fine. The drains were more of a nuisance than anything as I kept forgetting they were attached to me, and walking off - not advisable !

Take some wipes in with you as you probably won’t be up and about for a few hours, so at least you can freshen up in bed. I also managed to get through two books and a load of magazines while I was in there, in between my visitors, so take some of those in with you too.

Anyway, lots of love to you both - you’ll be fine !

Love Julie xxx

Thanks Julie, really appreciate it!

I’ve got all my mags and nintendo ds ready to take (I’m such a big kid!!)

Tish xx

thanks for all your nice messages.
i had my op yesterday and doc said i shouldn’t be in hospital too long.
i feel so much better than i did after my WLE& node removal.
managed to wash and dress myself this time & not pass out!

Hope you got on ok Tish


Hi Mammabee

How great that you’re up and about already, so really hopeful you’ll be home for Christmas Day.

Good luck too Tish.

I was in for 5 nights (including the night before op when nothing happened) so hope it will be the same for you.

Happy Christmas.

Cecelia. x

Hi Tish and Mammabee
Just want to wish you both all the best. I had my mastectomy in June. It’s not too bad to get over but very stiff after the first week and was never too painful for me.
Welcome to the single breasted woman’s club.
A big ( gentle) hug to you both

Thanks Topper
looked in the mirror this morning and thought “pretty much as expected” we shall see if I think the same when the dressings off.I’ll probably cry like a baby!

Will get fitted for my softee too tomorrow - just hope they’ve
got one big enough

well gotta go, it’s lights out & they’ll be waking me up with the blasted bp machine at 6am. i get more sleep at home with kids than i do in here! mustn’t grumble though the rice pudding is superb


Hi ladies

Well, I’m home! Wasn’t as bad as I thought, still got one drain in but thought I’d rather come home with it than stay in another night!

The nurse changed my dressing this morning and the scar is so neat (wasn’t sure whether to peek or not but I did!), I was amazed, got my softie in too, bit uncomfortable wearing my bra for the first time but with the softie in, it honestly looks ok, better than I thought!

Hope you’re ok mammabee, and everyone else too!

Take care…must do my exercises now!

Tish xx

Hi Mammabee
They will definately have one big enough… Other people said their permanent prosthesis was like a chicken fillet…mine was like an ostritch fillet

Hi Tish
My softie was uncomfortable as it was so warm. I think mine is made of duvet stuffing certainly something top keep the cold out.


Hi Tish

So glad your home - just take it easy!!

Take care

Hi Guys

I got home yesterday - so thrilled I’m home for Xmas. I feel fit as a fiddle & am ready to get in the Xmas spirit.

Glad all you other ladies are doing well.
They did have a softie big enough - just about. I’ve got a bit of nerve damage I think, a muscle that keeps tugging when I reach out but hopefully that should settle down.
Nurses told me I can have a glass or two of wine with the pain killers, hurrah!!!

Thinking about the recon now. Reckon I might just go for the implants as am planning reduction on my good (only now!) side and the flap options will mean a LOT of surgery all tolled.

Just looking forward to a few months “off” (ie no surgery, rads, chemo etc)

My armpit & doo-dah hair is growing back - how exciting! Got about an inch on my head, lovely soft & fluffy.

Merry Christmas one & all


So glad you are home and feeling so well. I too have that pulling feeling on my bicep/tricep which bc nurse said was nerve damage to - its bloody sore if you stretch your arm up and forget!!

I have some lovely soft hair on my head too - eyebrows and lashes growing back but still no underarm hair growth or anywhere else - not that i’m complaining!!

Have a great crimbo