hope its ok to put this here

hope its ok to put this here

hope its ok to put this here My mum had breast cancer few years ago. She had a check-up the other month and said it was ok. But every time she is ill or says she has a pain somewhere, I start thinking has it come back? Should i get her to go to the doctors when that happens or something. I sometimes find it hard to cope with. Most of the time I just carry on with life and don’t think anything of it. Does anyone else get like this.

Hi Cindy

My mum was diagnosed in May 2005. And i understand completely how you feel I was the same and could let my head drift into thinking the dreaded thing had returned when she had a cold or coughed too much!!! but I would suggest try not to overly worry (I know that easier said than done!!!) have faith in your mums medical team and even use the helpline here as they may be able to relieve some of your fears.

One thing me and my mum try and do is just to carry on as much as poss and enjoy ourselves (sometimes thats not easy we live together and get on each others nerves!!!) and again as I say trust the experts they have been excellent with both me and my mum!!!

Hope this helps and am thinking of you and your mum xx

Hello Cindy7 Hi Cindy, i too know EXACTLY where you are coming from, i am an only child and find it very difficult sometimes, my mum was diagnosed March 2005 and had a lumpectomy chemo and rads and her prognosis is good but it doesnt stop me or her worrying every time she has a minor ailment (and there are quite a few) i dont let her know how much i worry as i think it would make her worse and all these ‘minor ailments’ over the past months have turned out to be exactly that ,nothing serious but i dont quite know how to stop her or myself worrying, i hope in time it will get better.

As the other lady says, have trust in your mums medical team and i hope it soons gets easier for you all, you are not alone.


Thanks Thankyou for your replies. It helps hearing from someone else who is in the same situation. I am proud of my mum with how she coped with it all. Take care both of you and your mums.