Hope Hello everyone,

Thought I’d send out his message to give hope to those of you just starting on the journey.

I was diagnosed on 2nd June last year age 30 with Invasive DC with positive nodes. I had a mastectomy with no reconstruction. I’ve had Epi-CMF chemo which at times wasn’t so nice and 4 weeks Radiotherapy. I’m now on Tamoxifen and Zoladex for 2 years.

On Tuesday I had my first post treatment check which was fine - NED - and then I went and bought a new car. I am now the proud owner of a lovely wee red convertable.

Yesterday was my first day back at work for 11 months and it was great; I felt like I’d never been away and my colleagues had banners up to welcome me back.

I never imagined last year that I would ever be happy again but I have to say that my treatment flew by and here I am sporting a new tufty hairdo and having fun.

I’m going to see the Plastic Surgeon in 2 weeks about a new boob so I’m very excited about that too.

BC will always be in my mind but it is behind a lot of other more important things now!

Best of luck to all of you just starting out,

Carla x

Thanks Carla for your happy post. I can’t wait to get back to work. It is heartening to hear of people getting their lives back. I hope to be back later this summer.Love Eileen

Hi Carla

Like Eileen says thanks for posting some bright and cheery news…
Hope all goes well with your recon…and yes you are right there are very important things in life like living and having fun


Thanks Carla! Hi Carla,

thanks so much for posting the message of hope. It’s so good to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am 34 and was diagnosed 8 weeks ago. I have had a mastectomy but no recon until rads are finished. Like you mine was grade 3 and there was node involvement. Due to start epi-cmf chemo on Monday 14th may then followed by rads then hormone treatment.
Hearing your story has made me feel a whole lot better about things. I am dreading chemo but I know I must have it to make me better. Being able to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel has been great, and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to let us all know,

Take care,


nice one carla Im halfway through my chemo…finished the epi…now on the cmf. I was dx in december at 30. Had mastectomy I was grade 3 with lymph node involvement. Epi was hard…cmf is nice…then to have 5 weeks rads, and 5 years tamoxifen.
So im now on the home straight as I look at it

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for replying to my ‘Hope’ post! I just thought I’d put it there for people to read but it’s good to know that’s it’s helped.
Eileen - good luck going back to work; just finished my second shift today and feeling great.
Lucy - hope you’re having lots of fun too!!!
Kelly - best of luck with your first chemo. Sounds like you are having very similar treatment to me.
And Buttons, you are right, you are on the home straight now - well done! I found the CMF much kinder than the Epi but everyone is different.
Carla x

Thanks Carla for your happy post - it is so encouraging and cheery and gives us all hope - thanks for taking the time - we need more posts like this, good luck with being back at work,

Chloe x

Hi Carla

Great to read your post. We all need some positive news! The new car is a great idea! I did exactly the same when I was newly diagnosed, I sold my reliable, but boring fiesta and went and got a mini convertible! I had to have a test drive first, driving very fast to check my hat (I wore a loose one on purpose!) stayed put!! It did! So I can now drive around quite confidently in my wig! Although I usually secure it with my sunglasses! It still cheers me up 5 months later.

A new car, or similar treat can cheer you up when you feel down. I would certainly recommend it! I really hope that you are enjoying your car and that we have a fantastic sunny summer in which to enjoy them!

Take care and enjoy your return to ‘normality’.


Hi Carla

Your post brought tears to my eyes.

I was diagnosed not long after you - 14th August 2006, a date I’ll never forget - and also had chemo, surgery and rads. I am just planning my return to work (although I doubt I’ll get banners. I’ll be lucky if I get a cup of coffee!)

I get my first check-up in August and hope I will be NED too. Congratulations.

Good for you for splashing out on a new car. I never thought I’d ever do this but tomorrow night I’m going to a botox party and am having filler put into my frown lines. No botox - I want to be able to smile. It’s self-indulgent and unjustifiably expensive and I can’t afford it as I’m down onto half pay. But it’s my present to myself for all I’ve been through and even my fiance is cool with it as he said I deserve it.

Good luck with the reconstruction. Here’s to a coupe of little perkies!

Lola x

Hi Carla, what a great thread you started. It is so important to offer hope, especially to people starting out on this journey. I thought I would add my ten pence worth !! I was diagnosed at age 31, 2 years ago now, 31st March 2005. At the time I was diagnosed I never believed for one minute that I would be here 2 years on, my son had just turned one and I thought I wouldn’t be here for him. It certainly hasnt been an easy road to get to where I am now, but I got there. Like you BC is always on my mind, but I live life to the full now and appreciate so much now. I am very happy something yet again at the outset of the diagnosis I never thought I would be again, but you do pull through it and it feels good to be me again.

Good for you splashing out on a convertable !!!

Lorri xx