Hi, within the last 5/6 weeks, my mum was told that she had breast cancer. She has had her op, the lump was removed, the doctors are satisfied that they have removed all that was bad, but have told her that it was quite an aggressive cancer, and so may return in the future at sometime, she is waiting further results on that.

I am so relived that she has been lucky, and if it was to come back in the future, then we will face that when it happens.

She is going to be starting on Radiotherapy in 2 weeks, and then hopefully after that she can get back on track.

The reason for this post, is HOPE

I have read through some of the posts, and they have brought tears to my eyes. You are all truly amazing, If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to you and your families.

Hi Pink Princess

I am glad that your mum seems to be doing well and you are so right there is always hope…I try to see the galss half full and I say there is always someone worse off than me…


Thanks Pamela.

Its good that you are trying to have a positive outlook, wishing you well.

Take Care