Hormone therapy (letrozole) for 10 years?

I’ve been taking femara for 5 years. Ok I’ve had some side effects which I would rather do without, but given the alternative, I’ve been OK.
Approaching 5 years I was more than a little uneasy. Whilst I relished the thought of no more medication, I couldn’t help but think ‘I’m here, enjoying life and may not have been if it wasn’t for that little pill’. I went to my checkup with the onc armed with all sorts of research gathered off the net, only for her to recommend that I carry on for another 5 years. She is a well respected onc at the Christie, who is heavily involved in research.
I just wondered how many other ladies had been recommended another 5 years (10 years total), and how did you feel about it?

Hi malltomlin, I’m not as far forward as you, had 6 months of tamoxifen before surgery, off it for chemo now but have already been told that they will be recommending 10 years of hormone therapy when I go back on it…

I have had 5 years of Tamoxifen and now in year 4 of 5 years of Letrozole so my 10 years are up next year. Don’t know how I feel really if it is extended again as I thought I would only be on Letrozole for 3 years when I first went on it. Trouble is I am on Omeprazole for acid reflux and nortriptyline for burning mouth syndrome which all started since going on Letrozole and I am getting fed up of forever popping pills.
I did read somewhere that there was a trial looking at being on Letrozole for a period of months, taking a break for a few months and then going back on it and on and on, might suit some people and I might be interested in doing that.



65, been on Letrozole (Femara/generic (Sandoz, Activis)) for nearly 5 years, coming to end of course in May 14.  Only taken Letrozole since DX in 2009 (IDC, 5mm, Gd2, ER+, clear nodes, mastectomy by choice).  Few side effects - vaginal dryness & soreness, some joint pains, take fish oil/Glucosamine.  Osteopenia in femur after 2 years, take calcium + vit D.  Worried about recurrence after stopping.  Hoping onc will extend for another 5 years.  Anyone been on Letrozole only for more than 5 years, recurrences etc?