Hormone Therapy

I am on a trial either taking Tamoxifen or Arimidex but from the side effects it looks like I am on Tamoxifen. Last year I had to have endometrial resection and polypectomy and today have been told that I again have a thickened endometrium and multiple polyps which require surgery. Does anyone else have these kind of side effects from the drug? I also have atrophic vaginitis but instead of the usual dryness of the vagina, I have the opposite and am drowning in excess secretions! It makes me wonder whether I should continue with the drug but was told that the benefits to stop a recurrence of the cancer outweighs the side effects - at the moment I wonder as the side effects are affecting my quality of life!

Hi Myrtle

I had 'growths’on my ovaries that the gynaecologist believed were caused by Tamoxifen. He told me that although it is not very common, it does occur occasionally. I put a post on last year about it and other people had experienced it too. They were quite large and if I hadn’t just had a blood test to show otherwise the gynaecologist would have thought that it was ovarian cancer. I decided to have my ovaries and tubes out, as it became quite painful. I was then put on Aromasin and more recently Femara.

You certainly need to be on one of the hormones if you are oestrogen positive, but there are others so perhaps you need to ask about trying something else.

Good luck and hope your surgery goes OK, if it’s relevant to you, I would recommend the oopherectomy - it was a one night stay in hospital, minimal discomfort and 3 tiny incisions.

Take care Nicola xx