Hormone therapy

Hi all…just want to say first what a great resource you all are ! I’m here because a friend of mine is newly diag with secondary BC. Her Onc yesterday said her treatment will be just hormone injections…should I read anything into this ? I had expected her to be offered chemo and radiotherapy too…there are so many questions I want to ask her but shes not ready to talk just yet…so is it normal to just have hormone therapy alone ??? Thanks guys…SRM

Hi, I’ve never had any chemo, only hormonal therapy and my secondary cancer has been controlled really well for years now.
I was diagnosed with secondary bc in 2003. I have an injection every month (to stop periods) and hormonal tablets, Arimidex.
Some cancers can be controlled for years with hormonal treatments before chemo is needed.
Good Luck to your friend…xx

When I was first diagnosed with secondaries, treatment was not well explained I felt I was simply being left to die.

My GP referred me to the Royal Marsden and a doctor there explained things much better. She confirmed that there was nothing wrong with my initial treatment plan (hormonal plus bisphosphonates) but agreed it could have been explained better. I was told that there were other things that could be used in the future such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but it was not good tactics to “use up the big guns” too early on. You can become resistant to some chemotherapies and there are sometimes issues regarding radiotherapy in the same area twice (dependent upon the dose given).

Regard treatments as lifelines that should not be used up too quickly.

Thanks for your replies guys…its really good to get some positve feedback when things look grim…they should rename this forum “Ask the experts”!