Hormone treatment and VI

I’m asking this question on behalf of someone else. Does anyone  know if hormone treatment (Tamoxifen) would get rid of vascular invasion without having chemo?



Below is a response from our specialist nurses.

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Breast cancer is not a single disease. There are several different types of breast cancer. It can be diagnosed at different stages of development and grow at different rates. Breast cancer is also a complex disease and it is difficult to predict what course it will take for each person.  A specialist will consider different factors when working out the best treatment. This includes age, general health, as well as specific characteristics of the type of breast cancer diagnosed. Treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy hormone therapy or targeted therapy ,either alone or in combination or order. It is often the combination of treatment that is the most effective.You can read about breast cancer treatment in our publication www2.breastcancercare.org.uk/publications/treatment-and-side-effects/treating-breast-cancer-bcc4

It would be a good idea to discuss any worries regarding treatment with a member of the specialist team.

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