Hormone treatment only for secondaries in liver

hi all
i had my primary 7 years ago which was grade 1 (low) no node involvement
The same cancer has returned and is also in my liver…though i was told by an amazed breast consultant that this should not have happened! how fickle cancer is.
anway i keep reading about SIRT and FEC but i don’t know what it means.Iam only on ferara so worry that i should be on these other treatments…can anyone explain please

Hi Noz

So sorry to hear that your BC has progressed into your liver – you must be feeling very shocked, and so this is the right place to ask for information & support.

I’ve been living with liver & bone mets for over six years (after primary dx in 1997), and there are a number of others who post to these forums who have also been lucky with their treatments for mets. Each of us has such a different response to our cancer, and to our treatments, that it isn’t easy to say which treatment or combination of treatments might be the best for you. You can see our “stories” by clicking on our names in at the top of our posts.

It might help you to re-post in one of the “Living with Secondary Cancer” sections, as more of us with mets tend to visit these threads. And you’d probably get a lot out of just reading through some of the threads in those sections – and you can also do a search for info about SIRT & FEC. Many of us are on aromatase inhibitors (like Femara) without any other treatment, and I’m sure your onc will be planning to assess its effectiveness – do talk to your onc or someone from your onc team if you need more info about your current treatment. You might also like to talk to a MacMillan nurse (if you’re in the UK), and/or someone at your local hospice, who are also familiar with the types of treatments we have. Finally, you could ring the Breast Cancer Care helpline – number at the top of this page – who will also be able to give you loads of info & support.

Hope the Femara gives you good results – and please let us know how you’re getting on.

Marilyn x

i have been diagnosed with liver secondarys i am on cepcatibine (oral chemotherapy & herceptin) its a minefield there are lots of differnt treatments, i know its a real scary time , i was diagnosed 10th december 2009 , i only had my check up october and was told NED, find the support on this website fantastic
love galen x

Hi Noz,
I have also just been diagnosed with secondary bc in my lung (not liver like yours) and have also have been put on Femara only, I was a little concerned at first but as I have total faith in the Professor I am under at The Royal Marsden so I hope it is working. I started beginning of December and will have ct scan beg of March to see what effect it is having (I hope it is shrinking!!) then I will continue 3 monthly scans. I treated in 2006 I had WLE and all nodes removed with just half a node affected grade 2 and my prognosis was very good, so I was very shocked when it came back so soon, as yoousay it is such an unpredictable disease. Hope this is of some help. Take care and good luck with your treatment Marinax

Hi Noz, I had my original diagnosis of BC in 1989. Then 10 years later I found out that I had secondaries in my bones. They were in my spine, ribs, pelvis and sternum. I thought “that was it”…but I have been on lots of different drugs and treatments and they have kept me going for another 10 years. I am now on Femara and a drug to stop my bones from breaking…and a month or so ago I finished an 8 month course of chemo called Capacitabine. I also take MST (morphine) for pain relief plus so other painkillers too. But I will say that since I found out I had bone mets in 1999 I feel much better today than I did back then. What I am trying to put over Noz is that although you have been given this terrible news there are drugs and treatments which may help you to go on an enjoy life again. I will look out for your further posts. Take care, love Val

Hi Noz,
I had primary 4 years ago and cancer was found in one vertabra in Spring. A CT scan then showed cancer in my liver. I changed my hormone tablet from Exemastane to Arimidex and was given a further CT scan 3 months later. The reason for this was to see if the change in tablet would stop the cancer growing. This may be what your onc is doing. When the second CT scan showed the cancer had progressed and I’d been getting tired, I started chemo. This will finish this month and then I will start taking Tamoxifen again. My latest scan shows the cancer has reduced. If and when my onc thinks the cancer is growing again I’ll have a different kind of chemo. So I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.
Good luck

hi all
Sorry for posting on the wrong site…have also posted on the secondaries one when i realised my mistake
thank you all so much for this, it makes me feel so much better that i have your support…and that you can live with secondaries
Everyones story is so different, shows how difficult this horrible disease is. I am off to see the onc again in feb so fingers crossed