hormone treatment

hormone treatment

hormone treatment Hi all

I have had 6 of 15 rads and was told early on that after rads I would be having hormone treatment. I think something like arimidex was mentioned, (I’ve had an early menopause pre BC).

There has been no mention of dose or how it will be dispensed. Do I get it from my GP? I have a 3 mth check with the surgeon on June 19th, just a few days after rads end. Do I wait till then?

I must say I am not looking forward to this medication as it seems to cause joint pain and I am just getting my other pain under control. I know it is meant to extend life but if I am in constent pain I’m not sure I could cope.

Any thoughts?


starting mine soon Hey chica. I start my hormone treatment when I start my radiotherapy. My periods have stopped, finally after my first full cycle of CMF, so not sure as yet if its chemo thats stopped them…or if its shoved me into early menopause, just got to wait and see. Comes to something when I have to get a mates teenage daughter to let me know when she has her periods (we always ‘came on’ at the same time) just so I can keep track of when mine should be if they ever come back. I start tamoxifen middle of july which all going to plan will be the start of radiotherapy. Not sure of how its going to work, ive not had a lot of aches and pains apart from the usual chemo ache about 7 days after second lot of cycle. Good luck with your decision chick

Keep positive Hi Irene

I have had 8 of 33 rads and started on Tamoxifen 2 months ago.

The oncologist gave me a prescription for Tamoxifen at hospital and got this from hospital pharmacy. They gave me a form for my GP and the next prescription was from him.

I think we can all become very aware of the down sides of treatments and worry abut the effects of treatments. I have said to my oncologist that if the side effects are too great then I will have to consider not having the treatment.

I think you should be positive about the treatment you try and not worry too much about the joint pain - if it happens and you can’t cope then the hospital will have to consider other options with you.

Good luck - let us all know how you get on.

Arimidex Irene - a word of encouragement. Arimidex is only for post menopausal women and in my opinion is superior to Tamoxifen. I was on Tamoxifen 17 years ago when I had BC for the first time and now after a recurrence am on Arimidex for 5 years. I get it from my GP but he only gives 2 months at a time which is a bore. The side effects I get are mild hot flushes, the odd headache and am not sure if I am more tired or just getting older! I had some joint pain for the first few weeks but that has worn off. I do find going to the gym and yoga classes helps enormously. I take my pill about 9 p m and this seems to work for me but you can experiment when you see how it goes. Good Luck with the rads.