HOROSCOPES AND TAROT CARDS Good morning everyone. Just wanted to know if any of you shared my foolish ways and read your stars everyday. I did a tarot reading on line and it was so true to the situation I am going through at the moment, I know what will be, will be, but this reading really made me think about my life at the moment and which way I should be going…gave me a little hope of the future as of late I could not see further than one day at a time.

Does anyone else believe in these or actually read them and think they just apply to them…do they ever happen or not…

Have a lovely weekend…sorry cannot predict the weather…but then again neither can the weather men…Its horrible here by the way in the midlands…


Hi Elaine,

Yes I read my horoscope everyday and in more than one paper! There are often things that are exactly the same in them. However interested in the tarot reading on line, never had that done. Where is the website?

Treakle xxx

Tarot on line Hi Treakle

Just google Tarot readings on line and you get to pick six cards and then bingo it tells you whats going to happen…yeh right…we all have to get our pleasure from somewhere…


Morning Morning Elaine,

Personally I don’t read my stars in the paper, never have done. However, I am a sucker when it comes to tarot readings and totally have faith in them. I have a clairvoyant that I used to go to from time to time, although its been almost 3 years since I last saw her. I tended to go when things in my life weren’t going so well. Could defo do with a reading now but unfortunately I moved to a different part of the country so can’t go to see her.

Last time I had a reading she told me all sorts about the future that made no sense at that time. Now though it all makes perfect sense and absolutely everything she has ever said has come true!

Enjoy your weekend,


Hi Kelly I would love to go to a clairvoyant, but do not know if I am mentally prepared if she tells me something bad. Having a tough time at the moment, my treatment finished at the end of January and was OK up till about three weeks ago, then sank into deep depression, the stars and tarot keep me going, sad I know but sometimes they do come true. Maybe when I feel up to it may ring a clairvoyant. Why do you feel a reading now, are you feeling down.

Speak Soon


tarot hi i actually read the cards for people and have found in my own case they have really helped, am able to read people and attend a spiritualist chuch here. so they can help but be careful who you go to as not everyone is genuine, love lynn x

I used to read palms- was quite good too.Didn’t always go by the lines on the hands although they did help.When really on form I’d see pictures in my head of situations and places that I couldn’t possibly know about.I stopped doing it about ten years ago because I started getting a mental block…But has anyone seen ghosts? I used to live in a haunted house.Didn’t mind them at all if someone was with me at the time but was really spooked when I had to stay there on my own!

Hi elaine Hi Elaine,

feel I would like to have a reading now just to be reassured that there is light at the end of the tunnel! I feel like I’ve come such a long way since I was diagnosed in March but I know I’ve got a long long way to go. I’ve only had 3 chemos so far so have 9 more to go and then its rads to look forward to! I am physically strong but am finding the emotional/mental side of treatment tougher than I thought I would.

Just want to know I’ve got good things ahead of me to look forward to after these dark times. I think you should keep on with the stars and the tarot as anything that helps us get through this awful disease has to be a blessing,

Take care,


Thanks Hi,

Thanks for your reply. I am sure there is light at the end of the tunnel, thats what I keep telling myself and reading my stars etc on a daily basis, keeps me going, only another 15mins and I can see what tomorrows stars have to say about me. I will then no whether to stay in Bed all day or go out and face the world…

Love Elaine

PS Lyn can you do me a reading, will come down and visit you one weekend, told you already am housetrained and will bring a bottle of wine or three with me…lol

Dangerous rubbish Horoscopes and tarot cards are dangerous, manipulative rubbish.

Leave them well alone.

I think if like me you read them and sometimes they give you the direction of possible answers especially sometimes when things get to be confusing then why not. I know there are many ways things can be interpreted, but I think it is harsh to say rubbish and keep away. Astrology has been around since things were recorded and beyond.

Sorry, I will still read them.


ME TOO Hi Treake

yes so do I, its the highlight of my day, sad but true…lol

Hi Elaine

Perhaps we should organise a tarot evening!!

Treakle xx

YOUR PLACE OR MINE That would be great I am up for it…


I have to say that I’m addicted too! Have indulged in clairvoyancy and psychic readings too. Had one in December and I have to say it was so accurate. The guy , only really young just 20, helped the police on cases. He knew everything about me without any prompting, don’t like giving any of my info away just to see how genuine it all is!!

Gotta go for one Hi Tess

Have been convinced and am definately going to get one done when I get paid, thats all I keep saying, this months money is sure got to go a long way…lol

will let you know how I got on