Horror stories....

Oh my goodness, I have heard some real horror stories about how painful the core biopsies are! I am so not

looking forward to my appt. tomorrow. Wish I hadn’t read the letters now.


Can’t believe what an ordeal all this is going to be and then then the poss of cancer at the end of it.


So anxious…


Bassplayer x

Hold your horses bassplayer - I for one had absolutely no trouble at all with core biopsies - although now 2 years on I know I never felt they were painful, had no bruising, nowt at all.  Had fine needle aspirations, lots of core biopsies, including guided by the mammo machine, they first took about 10 samples, then wanted 10 more. Still nothing, only slight scratch from local anasthetic. I just kept myself as still as possible, so that it would be over as quickly as possible. Remember the lovely nurse holding my hand the entire way through - she probably had more bruises than I did, only know how very kind I thought she was, so told her at the end how much it had helped me. Really do hope that you’re in my camp and don’t suffer any difficulties - there is no reason why you shouldn’t be.  It is always the unknown that is scary and  it is the beginning of your journey.  You will get to the end of it.  Keep posting and reading this forum, there are many wonderful people on here that have helped me through this. :catvery-happy:xxx



To put a different slant on it and to give you some comfort.  I had two different types of biopsies within two weeks as the first one was inconclusive, throughout both of them apart from a bit of bruising and a litle bleeding, I carried on with my normal life and, in fact, I played in 4 bowls finals over the two weekends in between.  The biopsies were on my right breast and I am right handed.  I drove my car as well.  Ok they were a little uncomfortable for a couple of hours but that was all.


As with a lot of things you will generally hear the bad side of something and very often the people who have not had a problem do not post anything which is a shame.  Everyone is different and people have different pain levels.


What you need to keep in mind is that is to look after you and if there is something there that needs to be treated they can get it sorted early.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

hi bp,
Goodness! it’s best not to read them if it is only increasing your anxiety.
As Rubycat & Helena say, loads of us have been fine with core biopsies, mine was no problem at all, local anaesthetic given, nurse holding my hand & some slight bruising afterwards which didn’t cause me a problem.
The clinic will sort things out for you & you never know, you may not even need one.
take care
ann x

Hi Bassplayer

Bit of a later reply as have been on a walking weekend - 12 miles yesterday and 5.5 today. I write this as a) I’m very proud of doing my first long walk since my surgery and rads,  and b) just to put in a reminder that after treatment life does get back to “normal”, even though it can take a little time, depending on what treatment we had. I’m a bit behind Ladybowler - I think her WLE and SLNB were about a month before mine, and look at her - bowling again!

RE Biopsies : I won’t pretend they are a piece of cake, because that wouldn’t be completely  true. I was terrified in advance, and then had to have two of the bu**ers, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared, so the 2nd one i was more relaxed about. BIG TIP: take 2 paracetamol (nothing with aspirin in) about one and a half hours before the time of the biopsy so that the anaesthetic will numb the area where the needle will go, and the partacetamol will reduce any discomfort from the squishing. For me, the needle bit was absolutely fine, I just didn’t much like having to lie still being clamped while they did it, but i visualised lying on a Greek beach and breathed as steadily as I could and both times really were doable. Told the radiographers what i was up to and they entered into the spirit of it and offered me a cocktail, and although I’d rather not have to have one again if i can help it, (obviously!) I no longer have the same dread and fear and would approach any future ones more relaxed, if that is the right word.

Boob is a bit sore for a day or two afterwards, but nothing horrendous.

Really hope tomorrow goes well and you can come back on here and tell us how OK it was. XXX