Hospital appointment for results?

I’ve recently had Ultrasound, mammogram, FNA, Core Biopsy and most recently ultrasound guided biopsy. The Ultrasound and mammogram looked like my lump may be cancerous but the FNA and core biopsy came back as benign. I was then asked to go in for the guided biopsy to ‘make certain’.
after my initial core biopsy i was automatically given a hospital appointment for the results, however they rang 3 days before to tell me it was benign and to come in for the guided biopsy. After this last biopsy i was given an appointment again to go in for the results but i was hoping they’d ring me again a few days before if the results were good. My appointment is now tomorrow and i’ve got it in my head that it must mean it is bad news that i haven’t heard, i can’t see the point them wanting me to go all the way to the hospital just to tell me everything is fine.
i’m just wondering how everyone else has been told their results and what the standard practise is?

Hi Franjoe, sorry you haven’t had any replies yet, I think the gremlins have been at work which means some posts have been missed.

I don’t think there is a definitive ‘standard practice’ but most people are given their results in person. My limited experience is generally that ‘no news is good news’ and they will call you in sooner if there is something to worry about. A lot of hospitals don’t like giving results by phone, as it is tricky to be sure you get the accurate information, and of course there is no-one to answer your questions. Some will not give out even good news by phone because people would get to know that was the case, and jump to conclusions if they couldn’t get any info.

Hopefully all will be well and you can leave by the door labelled “freedom”.

Thanks RevCat

thankfully reults came back and everything is fine, its been pit down to brest changes as i was brestfeeding until not long ago. I can now relax :slight_smile:

checkup again in 6 months!

Hi Franjoe, I had two sets of core biopsies done and definitely had to visit in person to receive the reults. As the hospital was over 1 hours drive away i did ask if they would tell me over the telephone and they said No, there policy was you have to come in person. Goodluck for tomorrow, praying for good results. Xxxxx