Hospital Transport Costs Scheme - Are you aware of financial

Hospital Transport Costs Scheme - Are you aware of financial

Hospital Transport Costs Scheme - Are you aware of financial I am just trying to reply to my MP’s letter requesting my comments about financial assistance for cancer patients.

In the letter to him from the Minister of State, Rosie Winterton states that there is a scheme called the Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) to provide financial assistance. She goes on to state that patients should be informed of HCTS in their appointment or admission letter. Also leaflets and posters should be available in patient areas.

I would like to be able to respond properly to my MP. My experience is that I never received a letter informing me of HCTS with any appointment letter and I have never seen a poster or leaflet about it.

I would like to know:

a) Have you ever heard of HCTS?

b) Did you receive information about this with your admissions/appointment letter?

c) Have you ever seen a poster/leaflet in a patient waiting area?

I would be really grateful for your help on this one. If I can go back to MP and say that out of 50 women (or whatever) dotted around the country only 2 (or whatever) have ever come across this information then it will add weight to my arguement that whilst these things are in place it is not easy to find them out - particularly when you are feeling ill and trying to deal with the emotional side of having cancer.

Many Thanks


bjj xx

i hav’nt seen any! hi bjj i hav’nt seen any leaflets or posters in or around the hospital were i attend, that is north tees hospital in stockton on tees. i hope this helps keep up the good work xxx suzee


I’m travelling over 50 miles there and back to Chuchill in Oxford for all of my appt’s and have never been offered any financial advise on travel expenses.

I am currently 19/25 through rads and have just filled car up again, so petrol alone has cost me £120.

I did notice a small poster the other day regarding expenses but all it advised you to do was to get a leaflet from your post office, not very informative.


Not been told of anything I travel a relatively short journey of around 10 miles each way. I think it was vaguely mentioned at one of my first appointments but I was not thinging about that at that stage and no info was given out to referr to at a later stage. The problem I have is that there is no public car park at one hospital I attend and it is quite a hike from anywhere you can find a space and the other charges a fortune if you are lucky enough to find a space in the car park. Public transport is not the easiest either - 2 busses and a 10 min brisk walk or one and a 15 min brisk walk. During chemo I have not had the energy to do these walks so have had rely on friend to drop me at the door and taxis home (£10 a time) but not sure how I will manage with rads.

This is Newcstle upon Tyne area by the way.

Hope it helps

Izz x

hi Never heard of it either
I travel to Edinburgh which is a good 15-20 mls to get there from where I live
Good luck

Leaflets in GP’s waiting room There are some printed leaflets on help with transport to hospital at my GP’s surgery which I glanced through. To be eligible for this local scheme in South East Cornwall, to travel to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, the GP has to approve it.

I have never seen any leaflets in Derriford nor were my husband and I sent information with hospital appointments.

We have been to Derriford 6 times in the last 3 weeks, and have had to make our own way there. However, my husband is going into Derriford on Tuesday for an angiogram, and as the tide will be out at the ferry landing stage, he is unable to walk the distance to a waiting cab.
I advised the clerk who rang with the appointment that he needed transport door to door and she has arranged it. She didn’t mention paying, and they are sending an escort too, as he is a bit wobbly on his feet. This is only because he is not allowed to drive home after the procedure, which is done under local anaesthetic. I am unable to travel with him, under their rules, and a neighbour is taking me.

I had daily volunteer car drivers from the South West Ambulance Service for each of my 25 radiotherapy appts. There were no leaflets in the Oncology suite at Derriford, but the receptionist told me about that particular scheme when I booked my rads appointments. We had to pick up other people en route - most of the patients were going for dialysis or cancer treatment. There was no payment if you lived in Cornwall, but ironically, if you lived in Devon it was £4 each way, regardless of distance. When I questioned the volunteer drivers, they said they didn’t know the reason why we were treated differently in Cornwall.

So it seems, at least at Derriford, there are different schemes for hospital provided transport, you just have to know how to access them. We are not on any benefits, although retired, so we cannot claim back the costs we incur for the ferry and cabs.
Hope this is useful to you - good luck for taking this by the horns.

Had volunteer driver I have not been told about it, nor seen any posters or leaflets about it in the Colchester hospital.
I did receive free transport by a volunteer driver each time I was discharged from hospital for my lumpectomy and then mastectomy.
This was arranged by my consultant, but apart from that, I was not made aware of any help available.

David S

never told anything hi bjj
i never reiceved any information on travel cost’s from either of the hospitals i have to attend, both about 15-20 miles away. when i did ask at citizens advice i was told you could only claim money back if you were reciving benifits. As i am getting sick pay from work i do not quallify even thou i only get half my normal pay which means that we are struggling to meet bills etc without the added cost’s of fuel and car park fees which are £1 an hour , but you hav to pay £2 no matter if you are only there 30 mins.
i was told of a service that would pick me up and drop me off but that would cost £15 a jouney so would be even more expensive during rad than if my husband drives me.


my old dad I know it isn’t BC but my dad (86 on Wed last) had to go to a hospital near Southend (we live in Colchester some 50 odd miles away) for eye investigation, the day before his birthday. He was sent literature on how to get there, told he could not drive after but was given no advice re travel costs or any other assistance.

I couldn’t take him as I was in treatment for my BC, he couldn’t drive himself and my mum was terrified at the prospect of driving around the M25 and finding the hospital. Eventually he popped into our local hospital and asked how he was supposed to get to the appointment in Southend. He was speedily arranged hospital transport - a car would come and fetch him!!

He was duly collected and attended his clinic. How he would have got there if he hadn’t had the wit to challenge the information sent I do not know. Yes more information needs to get to patients on the help available, if only you know it is there!