Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS)

Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS)

Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) Breast Cancer Care’s policy and campaigns team would like to hear your views and experiences of the Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS).

The Department of Health is currently consulting on how to make the scheme easier to use and how best to raise awareness of the scheme among patients and staff. To ensure Breast Cancer Care’s response to the consultation accurately reflects the realities of using the system, we want to gather as many comments and experiences as possible. We are also looking for suggestions on how to improve the HTCS, particularly around the best way to reimburse patients and where information about the HTCS should be displayed or available.

Some of the suggested methods for reimbursing patients are by post, either from the local PCT or a centralised agency, in person at the treatment centre and in person from a different organisation.

Some of the suggested methods for publicising the HTCS are sending information with every appointment letter, leaflets, posters and message boards in waiting areas and/or consultation rooms at GP surgeries, specialist practices and NHS Walk-in centres, and providing HTCS information to doctors, nurses and health visitors who give out information.

We would like to hear your views on these suggestions and any others you might have for improving the way the HTCS works.

It would also be useful to hear from people who were not informed of the HTCS, as this will give us an idea of how well the scheme is actually publicised.

Please note that the Department of Health is only looking at how to make the system work better and is not asking for views on changing who is eligible for the scheme.

Please use this thread to share your views and experiences. If you would like more information about the consultation or our response please contact Jenny Priest on

Many thanks,

Policy and Campaigns Team."

I had No Idea Hi, I had no idea that the hospital travel costs scheme existed and I would like to know more.

Me neither I too had no idea that such a scheme existed and assumed because my husband was earning we wouldn’t have been entitled to claim for anything in relation to travel costs.

HTCS I too have no knowledge that this scheme exists. I have been treated at various hospitals in England for Crohn’s, since 1970, necessitating weekly, monthly or 3 monthly visits, as well as in-patient treatment.

However, when I was finishing chemo for bc and about to start rads, the receptionist in the Oncology Suite at my hospital asked if I would like volunteer transport as she knew my husband is registered disabled and was unable to drive me 5 days a week, with a 2 hour journey each way. The service is run under the auspices of the Cornwall and Devon Ambulance Service and is free for patients in Cornwall. I never got to the bottom of why patients in Devon (where the hospital is located) had to pay £4.50 each way, even if they ony lived 3 miles away. The service was not means tested. The service was available to other than cancer patients, as I often shared the volunteer cars with dialysis patients, some with MS, and other chronic, serious illnesses. I have no knowledge as to how these patients learned of the service. My GP has never mentioned this scheme either.

I attend this hospital regularly for Crohn’s treatment as well as bc, and I have never seen any literature in any of the many depts I have to visit. My specialist IBD nurse has never mentioned the scheme., nor has my GP, who is aware of the many hospital visits we have to make, as he gets a report from the hospital for each consultation.

I will definitely be contacting Jenny for more information, as my husband is also undergoing extensive tests for his illness, which often means we have to take taxis, at some £30 each way. As pensioners, this is an expense for which we could do with some help.

I think all of the suggested methods of disseminating information to patients is invaluable to those with chronic illnesses, who need many hospital appointments like my husband and I.

No Chance I have just checked the department of health website and unless you are claiming income support, pension credits, child tax credits or on a low income you cannot claim HTCS. I am on statutory sick pay and the costs of travelling to hospital for 5 weeks radiotherapy is frightening, I have already had chemo and 2 ops and the costs are rising! My husband is working 7 days a week to cover me being off work.

It may be worth checking with your GP to see if they can access a volunteer driver scheme. Mine could. The local hospice also runs a volunteer driver scheme. You did n’t have to be receiving treatment via the hospice to be able to take advantage of this. I live in co. Durham but similar schemes may be available elsewhere.

what about parking costs too I think the review should also look at car parking charges. It is £3 per visit at my local hospital, which very soon mounts up, when it costs that just to go for a blood test, as well as all the other tests, chemo, rads, surgery, post- op lymph drainage, etc etc.


HC1 Claim For those on low income, or worth a try even if you are getting SSP, complete the above form, which is for help with costs if you are on a low income, you may get help with dental charges, or precriptions too. Complete it if you are unsure, they can only say no !

Good luck