Hospitalised with low neutrophils

Hi everyone,

I have secondary breast cancer and on Ribociclib and letrozole, has just finished my 4th cycle, never had any issues whilst been on this,

on Friday I had no energy sore throat and come over all shivery, had a temperature of 39 so chemo ward said to go straight to hospital,  Hospital were very efficient and was put on antibiotic drip,  Me temperature began to stable after 24 hours, but my Neutropenic have remained at 0.8 for 4 days now, consultant and onc dept happy to let me home with antibiotics and told to be careful, I’m gett my bloods repeated 2moro and hoping they have increased.

Has anyone else been in same situation where they have not increased for a few days. I was worried about coming home but now know all the sights to look out for, hospital were pleased at how quickly I acted, would be great to hear from anyone else in same situation xx

Hi Joanne

Although mine was my first time round, I got struck after my third round of EC. All I had was a runny nose, not even a temperature according to my thermometer. Fortunately my husband’s nagging made me contact the hospital and I was admitted an hour later with a temperature of 40! That’s why I advise newcomers to get a back-up thermometer - I’d bought a faulty one.

I was in hospital for 4 days and they never found the cause of the neutropoenic sepsis. I felt fine once the rigors stopped but my blood pressure took 3 days to stabilise and my neutrophil counts were too low. They allowed me home after I agreed to two blood transfusions - with a load more antibiotics and, for a few days, I felt a new woman. I really don’t think that your MDT would allow you home if there were any risk to yourself, particularly in the current pandemic.

My husband still finches when he hears that beeping sound from the drip monitors! I still recoil from the mention of potassium - I’ve never drunk anything quite so vile. I hope all goes well for you. Obviously you know all the signs but try to put it to one side as an ‘awareness’ rather than monitoring them or you’ll find every day is a cancer day which can’t be good for your anxiety levels.

Best wishes,

Jan x