Hot and Cold, Hot and Cold, HOT SWEATS

Anyone else been finding that they go boiling sweaty hot a lot? I’ve just done first rads today and had this since finishing chemo.
Literally been brushing sweat off my head, neck, under boobs. It’s totally disgusting and very uncomfortable.

Then after I’ve had that for a while I go really cold.

This happens in the morning for about 2 hours, then at night.

No Tamoxifen yet either so it isn’t that.

I went and had a shower earlier due to sweats, lukewarm, felt better. Got in my 'jamas and went downstairs, got boiling hot again, sweats and went and sat on my doorstep in the cold. Thought if my neighbours see me, at 9.30pm, sat on the doorstep in the dark they’ll think I’ve lost the plot!!!

Hi, Was a couple of weeks into rads when I started to experience the same thing happening. Having a shower was fantastic felt great then about 15 mins later I’d be boiling again. I thought it was the tamoxifen. It lasted a few weeks and it wasn’t everyday , still having hot flushes but nothing like that thank goodness.x

I could have written your post word for word.It’s horrendous and I’ve come to the conclusion that the flashes have been the worst part of my breast cancer journey. My nights are bad, but I find it so uncomfortable & embarrassing feeling so clammy all of the time, I literally have to wipe the drips off perspiration from my face.
Big hugs to all
Stella XXX

Its not just me then - I wondered if it’s hormonal ?!
Isn’t it annoying.
Especially get paranoid now I can’t use deodrants whilst doing rads!
Think I’m sat there stinking - probably not but can’t help it when I’m dripping and my clothes are getting wet through too. Yak.

Am sure its a result of the letrazole for me, but know what you mean. I’ve got a fan at my desk. and a big powerful (remote control) one beside my bed, so manage them with these. Still hate it though.

I kind of think one of the reasons I got BC was all the hormones I took for various reasons, one of them being natural hot flushes early on in menopause, so I’m probably a bit more accepting of them now.

You do feel absolutely disgusting but there was no smell whatsoever, I kept checking because you do get paranoid! I was really fortunate because it was always early evening when I had these turns so was at home and could just jump in shower. I have never been sweaty in my life so took so badly when this happened hopefully the worst is over now I think it really takes you by surprise because you can’t believe how hot and sweaty your body can get! I mean it’s shocking as already said still having flushes but nothing compared to those epic ones x

get a neck buddy!! its amazing. i bought one to stop me being so hot when drumming, but find its wonderful wrapped round my red hot rad boob. I dont know why its not wet, but its not. I soaked it yesterday and its still cold to day. its designed though to cool your main arteries round the neck so as to keep your whole body cool. it is best if used with distilled water, so you can buy battery top up water, soak it and then pour the water back into the bottle for next time.

Hi… Feel a bit of an oldie here as I had my surgery Nov 2010 radiotherapy finished Feb. Had 20 sessions then 5 boosters, I can really sympathize with the hot flushes they do ease off a bit but after being on Letrozole now for 9 months i,m still suffering :frowning: i,m sure not everyone will be the same so no gloom and doom statements.
I do feel different tho?? I,m sure the shock of it all stays with you for a long time… i,m over the worst I guess but it has left its mark. I,ve just come back from a well needed holiday and I do advise keeping the sun off the skin that was affected mine still went a bit pink after wearing factor 50 and keeping my boob covered, my nipple still looks like a chewed up piece of leather.I,m due my yearly check up in Nov so getting a bit jittery as once the radiotherapy finishes your more or less on your own for the year (tho McMillan nurses are a god send if you need them or a chat) I,ve done everything to ease the sweats/flushes and found the best way to deal with them is baby wipes :slight_smile: just keep wiping till they go it must be the ingredients in them as it leaves your skin quite cool… Good luck with it all, You,ll all get there xxxxxx Doz

I noticed someone had said they were,nt using deodorant… GOOD NEWS ladies you can use Simple deodorant, a friend is an Oncology Specialist and said its absolutely fine xx

Hi All, I have just take oldandlumply’s advice and ordered a neck buddy. I finished chemo in may and have been having hot and cold sweats during the day but hot sweats during the night which got worse during rads. Started on tamoxifen in July which just added to them so will try anything now just to get some sleep,still taking tramadol for bone pain from the chemo and even that doesn’t knock me out anymore. Have had some strange looks when I have to take the wig off in the car etc

Hi All,

was so glad to hear I am not on my own on this one! My onc suggested evening primrose oil tabs,not sure if they will work but I will try anything at this point. I have just had my last tax last Thurs and I have been having hot flushes for some months now, I reckon its hormonal. I have actually started to wake up in the night a couple of minutes before one comes on me, so not getting a proper sleep! Africa I am like you I feel a sudden urge to remove my wig in the car! Its like a panic comes over you an you cannot think of anything else except trying to cool down, dont know how I will cope in meetings when I get back to work! Flushes have got to be the most annoying SE to date, maybe it will be more tolerable when it is the only SE I have! Gonna try the neck buddy as well as I am going to start rads soon so it will help with that. I will keep looking here to see if anyone has any other ideas.
Thanks for the support as always!!