Hot climes after mastectomy

Hi all…is there any thing i need to know to prevent arm swelling during and after a long haul flight and hot climate .it will be my first holiday since DX and although I dont want to spoil my holiday I am really apprehensive about my mastectomy side ! will be 2 years since dx in Oct and so far have not had any signs of Lymphodema so want it to stay that way .

Any advice please .

Maz xx

Hi Maz,

I have a compression glove for mild lymphoedema in my hand, so was worried about my recent long haul flight. I contacted my lymphoedema clinic, and they provided me with a sleeve to wear on the flight. I posted about it a while ago, it’s on the lymphoedema thread, called something like lymphoedema & long haul flights.

I had no problems on my flights or while away. Enjoy your holiday.

Maz.I wore my compression sleeve on a flight to Florida last month.I have no swelling at all now which is very strange as my arm has been swollen for over a year.I’m not sure if it was the long haul flight or the fact that I broke my arm though!

I am 2 years on from diagnosis and have not suffered any form of lymphodoema after treatment. However my physio at the lymphodoema clinic gave me a compression sleeve after surgery and said to always wear it when flying (not just long haul). I have always worn it (short and long haul)and, touch wood, have had no problems.


Hi Maz

I have just noticed this thread, so apologies for the delay.

I went on my first long haul flight just over 15 months post surgery which was also 10 months after finishing chemo. Following that, I was lucky enough to spend 1 month in Jamaica last year, which was 2 years post DX. I have had mastectomy and node clearance.

I have had no problems whatsoever with swelling on my surgery side, despite the hot weather, in fact, my scars feel a lot more comfortable when I am nice and warm.

I am just sensible about carrying on my bad side, other than that, I don’t do anything special.

I count myself fortunate, and if I were you, I wouldn’t be put off going away.

We are planning our next Caribbean adventure for November this year.

Hope you have a great time, wherever you get to.

Love Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah…thanx for the reply I am going on a caribbean cruise in October but stressing cos i have to fly to Miami my first holiday since surgery I thank you for taking the time to reply and hope that you have a really good time x