Hot flash under stress

Hi ladies. I have an odd question. I’m on month 7 of Tamoxifen and I have noticed one thing for certain. When I am stressed or if I get angry or nervous, a hot flash is sure to follow. They happen on their own but not too often but when stressed… It’s inevitable. Has anyone noticed this happening to them and if so, any tips on how to curb it? Thanks in advance and take care ?

Hi TW211

Sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question as yet but hopefully someone will now see it and get back to you.  In the meantime you are more than welcome to give our helpline a ring and talk to the staff about your hot flashes.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator