Hot flashes

Hot flashes

Hot flashes I had a mastectomy Nov 05, Epi-CMF and radio and finished in June this year. Worked throughout and feel fine. During Chemo my periods stopped and I had hot flashes. This stopped after chemo and I had three quite heavy periods, but now the hot flashes have returned and I have not had a period in two months. I am 38 and not on any hormone treatment. Anyone any experience of this?

The change… Hi Wanas

Sorry my periods were a little eratic before I found out about the dreaded, but after having my lumpectomy I only had 1 more period and then nothing more (its been 18 months now) I had the same chemo regime as you and I think that it can tip you into the change depending on your age. (You seem a little young, but you never know) You can ask you oncologist about having a blood test to determine at what stage you are at)

Good luck

Debbie x

Factsheet Hi WANAS

I have given the link below to a factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care regarding menopausal symptoms and breast cancer. You may find some of the information within this publication of help.

The factsheet can be either downloaded or ordered through this site.

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