Hot Flushes: How to beat them - personal experience

Dear all,


I am 46 and I’ve been having hot flushes for as long as I can remember - ever since I was in my early thrities, if my memory serves me right.  I would wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat when my husband would actually be complaining the room was too cold!


I’ve tried everything from putting the A/C on the lowest temprature possible to sleeping in my undies.  Nothing worked.  The only thing that has really worked is excercise.  I discovered that if I break into a good sweat early in the day, the dreaded hot flushes do not make their midnight visit and I have a peaceful night.  Also not eating anything at all at least two hours before going to bed at night keeps hot flushes at bay.  Keeping a well hyderated system helps a lot too.


I don’t have a clue why these tricks work and no one seems to know either. I would guess they regulate core body temprature.


When I was prescribed Tamoxifen for my BC I thought that would be the end of me!  If I already have hot flushes, what would life be like with Tam!   My hot flushes have not worsened since I’ve started taking it provided of course that I exercise in the morning, do not eat at least two hours before turning in and drink plenty of water - up to three litres a day.


I hope you find this helpful.






Thank you for your tips, I will give them a go. I find no rhythm or reason to when mine get better or worse, changing brand makes no difference at all.