Hot flushes - Lady Care

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the first day of sunshine for what seems ages, down here in Kent anyway.

I’ve been having terrible hot flushes which seem to be getting worse.
My sister’s been staying with me and her nurse gave her a Lady Care device. It’s a static magnetic device which comes in two pieces. One inside your pants and the other outside to hold it together. It’s helped her with all the side effects of the menopause and quite sceptical about most claims but if this isn’t harmful or taking any other meds I won’t mind giving it ago.

I was just wondering has anyone used this and has any info on it?



Hi, NICE actually advises against magnetic devices for menopausal symptoms in relation to breast cancer treatment, you can check this on their website. Have heard before though that it can help.


I tried it without success although I have heard of some ladies who swear it works miracles!! Persevered with it for almost a year but decided it didn’t help. I am 100% ER & PR + and was told it was ok to use. Word of warning - you stick to supermarket checkouts, trolleys, radiators etc, etc !! Source of amusement if nothing else…

Liz x

Hi, I’m on Tamoxifen but use the Lady Care magnet. For me I have to say that it works. Hot flushes/night sweats are minimal, I haven’t put on any weight and I’m not suffering from bloating at all. In fact as far as my digestion goes it has positively improved!
Anything is worth a go I think, if it makes SEs more bearable.

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