Hot flushes on docetaxel

Hi going through my second lot of “T”. Since the first one I have had hot flushes mainly at night which means sleeping is almost impossible! Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this, preferably naturally? The oncology nurse said I should mention it to my oncologist but I don’t see her for another 2 weeks. Thank you in advance for any advice! X

Hi red riding,
I have the same thing !!! :slight_smile: I was on docetaxel for treatment 4,5 & 6 and I’m now 7 weeks post chemo and the hot sweats are all day and night !
I read on the forums before about having a silk or silky pillow case helping ! Not sure how that works !
My mum gave me a thing called a chillow, it’s a flat pillow that takes water, you can use it inside your normal case, it’s cold it has helped me ! I think if you google it you ll find them. My normal pillow just seems to hold the heat and make it worse.
Not sure if there is anything you can do to stop them as I think it’s hormones.
I’d also be interested in what other people do to help it .
Hope your treatment is going ok
Kay xxx

Hi redriding
I’m having TAC and have found the hot flushes at night unbearable as my head is constantly wet and have tried just about everything, ice even bought a chillow which is basically a very cold pillow! Nothing I did or bought helped. However, I was thinking about it scientifically the other day, and because I’m always hot and sweating due to the flushes I never wear anything on my head, but when I was thinking about it I thought maybe some of the problem is the heat from my head hitting the cold air, especially during the night when the tempreture drops. So I decided to wear a sleep cap to see if this helped and it has! Finally I sleep almost a full night. Just a thought?
Marie x